Felony Assault on a Police Officer

Felony Assault on a Police Officer

Press Release 

POWELL, Ala.-- On 01/15/23, The Powell Police Department responded to a call for service, the caller advised a female was nude and screaming at neighbors from her mobile home. Assistant Chief Wilson arrived on the scene and observed multiple broken windows and blood covering the residence. He came in contact with the nude individual Mrs. Stacey Waldrep(Section AL).

Mrs. Waldrep was covered in blood at this time.

Mrs. Waldrep was uncooperative and would not follow commands to stay back.

Assistant Chief Wilson cleared the residence and determined the blood was from Mrs. Waldrep. Assistant Chief Wilson tried to retrieve medical equipment and gloves to tend to Mrs. Waldrep from his patrol car. During this time she came up from behind and began assaulting him, covering Assistant Chief Wilson in her blood. Assistant Chief Wilson tried to arrest her at this time and Mrs. Waldrep resisted further exposing him to more blood.

She was taken into custody and covered by a blanket on the scene after the struggle. Paramedics were called to the scene to tend to Mrs. Waldrep, she was ultimately transported to the Jackson County Jail for felony assault on a Police Officer. More charges are expected.

“As Police Officers, you never truly know what to expect from any call, there’s just no such thing as a “routine” call these days. I praise Assistant Chief Wilson on his professionalism and duty as he tried to tend to someone and place himself in further danger to help a citizen. Clearing a residence alone, with a home covered in blood, all while ultimately trying to provide medical aid is something most people just couldn’t do” stated Powell Police Chief Stephen Malone. 

“We appreciate the quick responses from the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office, the DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office, and Highlands Medical Center. It truly takes a team effort and I’m thankful each agency has the same goals and values” stated Malone. 

“As I’ve stated time and time again and will continually do so, I encourage everyone who has a drug addiction or mental health crisis to please seek help or contact their local Police Department/Sheriff's Office for guidance. It’s never shameful to seek help, especially when it comes to addiction” concluded Chief Malone.

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