Targeted Print Advertising

We create value for our clients by utilizing the strengths of our radio, newspapers, magazines, and various platforms.
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Area-Exclusive Multi-Platform Approach

Create a multi-platform advertising campaign with reach and frequency by combining radio, digital, and print solutions. Pairing on-air spots with digital and print advertising significantly increases consumer recall and engagement.


Radio is the #1 reach medium in America. An endorsement from one of our on-air and online personalities carries weight because it is like a recommendation from a friend. More than 50 percent of radio listeners say they trust brands, products, and services that a personality talks about.

Digital, Mobile, and Social Advertising

Our national award-winning staff will help you convert digital traffic into business. We can help you plan, build, and execute your marketing strategy to align your brand with experiences the community loves.

Targeted Print Advertising

Our high-impact print display ads promote your brand while driving content consumers to your website and to your over-the-airwaves messaging. These ads are part of our can’t-miss engagement strategies and are powerful for businesses looking to reach consumers across the area.

Southern Torch Media delivers customized multi-platform solutions to help businesses grow.
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