Dr. Jason Barnett (R) of Rainsville, an administrator at Collinsville High School and adjunct professor of Instructional Leadership at Jacksonville


What a weekend for Northeast Alabama Community College (NACC) Fishing! The anglers successfully competed at Lake Neeley-Henry in Gadsden, Alabama


With a smile and the stroke of a pen Gov. Robert Bentley signed two Federation priority bills dealing with country of origin labeling and the queen honeybee today. Bentley said the country of origin labeling law would help customers make an informed decision before ordering catfish in Alabama. “HB186 is an important consumer protection measure for Alabamians,” Bentley said. “The legislation ensures that restaurants properly label the country of origin of catfish and catfish-like foods. Alabama catfish is important to the overall economy of Alabama, with our state’s catfish industry creating 5,800 jobs. I appreciate the Alabama Legislature for passing

On June 30, Governor Robert Bentley signed SB229 , streamlining e-business filings,helping Alabama businesses to compete. Secretary of State John Merrill and Senator Steve Livingston were instrumental in creating and carrying this bill. SB229 allows for Employment Tax Returns, Information Returns, Partnerships, Corporations, Estates & Trusts, plus Exempt Organizations to conduct filings with the state of Alabama online,  rapidly speeding up the process. “State Senator Steve Livingston carried the bill for the people of Alabama and Governor Bentley signed it into law allowing the streamlining of business filings reducing red tape for the people of Alabama!” – Alabama Secretary of State

Decisions made by the government and high profile court rulings consumed the news last week. Most of the breaking news has centered on the U.S. Supreme Court decisions. But there is one court ruling that hasn’t gotten as much attention, and it’s just as important to the people of Alabama because it has such a huge impact on the future of our state. Late last week, an Alabama circuit judge ruled that the state was wrong to “cherry-pick” the casinos it prosecuted (and I think “persecuted” would be more accurate), and that the state must return all the seized money

In a 5-4 opinion released this morning, the Supreme Court of the United States struck down same-sex marriage bans across the nation, including in Alabama. According to the opinion delivered by Justice Anthony Kennedy, same-sex marriage is now a fundamental right. Chief Justice Roberts, Justice Scalia, Justice Thomas and Justice Alito filed dissenting opinions. Alabama Republican Party Chairman Terry Lathan made the following response: “With the decision of the United States Supreme Court today to remove state barriers for the implementation of same-sex marriage in America, Alabama’s 2006 Sanctity of Marriage Amendment, which was approved by a landslide 81% of


Dr. Jason Barnett (R) of Rainsville, an administrator at Collinsville High School and adjunct professor of Instructional Leadership at Jacksonville

FORT PAYNE, Ala. — Mayor Larry Chesser signed an agreement this week on behalf of the city of Fort Payne

Officials at Northeast Alabama Community College are pleased to announce that recent NACC Engineering Technician graduates who took the certification


It has been said, “The number one cause of atheism is Christians. Those who proclaim God with their mouths and deny Him with their lifestyles is what an unbelieving world finds simply unbelievable.” (Christianity Today, 2001) A 19th-century Danish theologian identified two kinds of religion – Religion A and Religion B. The FIRST is “faith” in the name of religion only (2 Tim. 3:5 “They will act as if they are religious, but they will reject the power that could make them godly. You must stay away from people like that.”) * It’s the practice of attending church without genuine