Marla Jones, Managing Editor

Fort Payne, Ala.-- After 3 ½ years and thousands of work hours, DeKalb County Engineer Ben Luther is pleased to announce that County Road 835 is reopened. 

The road was closed in February 2019, due to ground sliding after flooding, making the road unsafe for travel.

On Tuesday morning, September 6, at approximately 7:00 a.m. the road was officially reopened for traffic. 

“I am so happy that the project is finally completed.  When you are dealing with geologists, floods, and the federal government, who is paying for the project, you are on their schedule” stated DeKalb County Commission President, Ricky Harcrow. “I am glad the inconvenience is over.”

“After 2 years of construction and a year of getting funding from the state, its a great blessing that the road is finally open. Tommy Broyles, our County Superintendent, will be able to get on other projects.  Thanks again to all those who helped in securing the grants, Mr. Harcrow, the DeKalb County Commission, and our local representatives” stated District 4 Commissioner, Lester Black. 

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