Walker takes over at CHS

Walker takes over at CHS
  • By SHANNON J. ALLEN The Reporter

Jason Walker is the new head football coach at Crossville High School.

The DeKalb County Board of Education approved CHS Principal Jon Peppers’ recommendation of Walker during its Thursday morning meeting in Rainsville.

Walker joined the faculty and staff at Crossville last year. He guided the Lions through spring training while his predecessor, Chris Williams, served as head coach of the school’s softball program.

Williams, who spent one season in Lion country, retired from Alabama’s public education system. He accepted the head softball coaching job at private school Westbrook Christian, where he is reviving the Warriors’ program.

“I talked to a few of the kids while they were in spring training and after it ended,” Peppers said.

“I said, ‘guys, tell me why some kids are not playing,’ and everybody said it’s because we’re getting another coach, and they don’t want to fool with learning somebody else.

“With Coach Walker taking over, I believe it might keep some of the kids out. The kids just want to feel sure someone is going to be there for them.

“Coach Walker enjoys where he’s at. This was his first year at Crossville and he loves it, and he’s communicated to me over and over ‘this is where I want to be.’ I see in his eyes that’s he’s bought in.”

Walker returned to coaching and teaching last year after taking a break and working in the private sector for a few years. He was a star lineman at Boaz and played in the Alabama North-South All-Star Game before graduating in 1997.

His brother, Josh, is assistant principal and athletic director at Boaz.

“A lot of young coaches are in it for the money and not in it for the kids, and I feel like Coach Walker is one of those who is in it for the kids,” Peppers said.

“We need a coach that is not going to scream and holler and try to come in with old-school type coaching. We need one who is going to spend more time getting to know the kids and building relationships with them.

“Coach Walker is a coach with good character, and that’s what we need right now. He grew up in the Kilpatrick area, and when kids start talking about Kilpatrick, that’s his home.

“He lives near Double Bridges, and he’s driven a couple kids home before after practice.”

Walker also serves as the strength and conditioning coach for all boys and girls athletes at Crossville.

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