Thompson Farms stocks fresh produce and more

Peggy M. Himburg

Thompson Farms is located at 526 County Road 451 in Dutton. They are open every day from 7 a.m. until 5 p.m.

f you are looking for some fresh vegetables and fruit, you should take a drive to Thompson Farms in Dutton. Their store is loaded with produce with more coming in every week. They will be adding to their selection as the warmer weather arrives.

 Keith Thompson is the owner of Thompson Farms, and he has farmed his entire life. “Farming is all I know. I started out farming with my dad.” His dad was Jerry Thompson, and he passed away a few years ago.

 Thompson said he and his dad had fruit stands where they would sell produce, but his dad always wanted to have a store. He promised his dad he would build a store, and the store is a tribute to his dad. He is proud to be a farmer’s son. There is a picture of Thompson with his dad in the store.

Most of the produce Thompson sells right now comes from Florida, but that will change as his crops and those of other local farmers start to grow. Thompson said that he and his dad always grew crops to sell, and he continues that practice. Some of the produce you see in local grocery stores comes from Thompson Farms.

 When you walk into the store, you are greeted with a smile. Everyone who comes in is friendly and helpful. The produce fills the room, and you just want to buy one of everything!

 If you like boiled peanuts, Thompson always has some ready to go. He sells the original as well as the Cajun style peanuts. They are very good.

 Farm fresh eggs is not something you can find everywhere. Thompson has some nice big, even double yolk, eggs for sell. If you are ready to bake a cake, go get some of these eggs.

Thompson ‘s popular fresh corn will be for sale when it is ready. Produce available now at the store includes cucumbers, squash, tomatoes, green peppers, jalapenos, squash, okra, strawberry and Vidalia onions, a variety of potatoes including the little red and yellow ones, purple and green cabbage, sweet potatoes. He is getting in some other vegetables including kale next week.

 In the fruit department, Thompson has apples, bananas, lemons, honeymoon melons, oranges, cantaloupe, and little watermelons. The honeymoon melons look like a cantaloupe on the outside and a honeydew melon on the inside. 

 The store also has shelves filled with a variety of jams, jellies, sorghum, and apple butter, They even have jalapeno jelly. They have hot and mild salsa along with corn, cherry, and peach salsa. On the shelves you will find sauerkraut along with several types of pickled items such as cauliflower and asparagus. They also have sweet flame pickles, sweet garlic dill pickles, pickled eggs, and pepper relish. They have several flavors of barbecue sauce available. These items are in pint and quart jars and are the Amish Wedding brand. There is absolutely something for everybody in this store.

 Vegetable plants will be coming in next week for those of you who like to plant your own garden. He will also have a variety of flowers including hibiscus. He already has some ferns.

 It is important to Thompson to help out in his community. He will deliver produce to local people if they are unable to drive to the store. He had actually had someone call him on this day. 

 Thompson Farms is located at 526 County Road 451 in Dutton. If you need a landmark to help with directions, just turn by the Dollar General. After that you will go only a couple of minutes before turning to your right. There is a sign at the end of the road to help. When you see the store on the left, you are going to know you want to go inside. Their phone number if 256-599-2631 if you want to call before you go to check on a certain product. The store is open every day from 7 a.m. until 5 p.m.

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