Free Meals for Students

Free Meals for Students

Marla Jones, Managing Editor

RAINSVILLE, Ala.-- The DeKalb County Board of Education met on Wednesday,  July 13.

A federal program that has been providing free meals to students during the pandemic, since the Spring of 2020, was set to expire on June 30, 2022. 

Rising food and gas prices have many families struggling to put food on the table. 

DeKalb County  Superintendent Wayne Lyles announced that all students will continue to receive free breakfast and lunch, regardless of income, for the 2022-2023 school year. 

Superintendent Lyles updated the Board regarding the progress of improvements within the school system.  

Light poles are set, dugouts are being built and fencing is set to be installed at the new Valley Head Baseball field. 

Lyles expressed his appreciation to the Town of Hammondville and Valley Head for their help with the fields, along with the host of volunteers and vendors. 

Zach Ward, architect for the Ider Gymnasium notified Supertindent Lyles that the plan for the new gym had been approved by the Department of Construction Management this week.  Advertisements for bids could happen as early as July 17. 

Details are being finalized for the Ider Softball Field Concession/Pressbox and plans will be submitted for approval.  The advertisement of bids will be in the near future. 

Lyles also announced that DeKalb County had received a $30,000nWorkbased Learning Grant.  This will pay for expenses and training for the Work Based Learning program. 

In other business, the Board approved the following:


  •  Lana Smith - ½ Counselor / ½ Teacher - Crossville High School - Retirement - 8/1/22 
  • Terrie Stanford - Itinerant Literacy Coach - District - Resignation - 6/26/22 
  •  Ashley Buttram - Itinerant Special Education Bus Paraprofessional - Fyffe Special Services Center - Resignation - 7/20/22 

A Personnel Hearing was requested by  Chris Hairston, Attendance Supervisor, to object to his proposed transfer from Attendance Supervisor at the Student Services to Instructional Supervisor at the DeKalb County Virtual Academy. 

Hairston, presented numerous letters, in support of him remaining in the position that he has held for eight years.  He expressed his desire to remain Attendance Supervisor and asked for an alley with the Board.  In a unanimous vote, the Board approved the placement of Tony Bell in the position. 


  • Chris Hairston from 12-month Attendance Supervisor at the Student Services and Registrar’s Office to a 12-month Instructional Supervisor at the DeKalb County Virtual Academy / Tony Bell from 12-month Instructional Supervisor at the DeKalb County Virtual Academy to 12-month Attendance Supervisor at the Student Services and Registrar’s Office 
  • Sheenia Daniel from English Language Arts Teacher at Fyffe High School to English Language Arts Teacher at Plainview High School  (Effective 8/1/22) 
  • Julie West from Assistant Principal (10-month) at Geraldine High School to Itinerant Elementary Mathematics Coach (10-months) for the district  (Effective 7/14/22) 
  • Tracy Tidmore from Middle School Counselor at Crossville Middle School to High School Counselor (10-months) at Collinsville High School  (Effective 7/14/22) 
  • April Hughes from Bus Driver at Collinsville High School to Bus Driver at Crossville Elementary School  (Effective 8/1/22) 

Placements (All placements are made pending a background review meeting suitability criteria and negative, pre-employment drug screen and appropriate certification) 


  •  Lamar Hendricks - Secondary Social Science Teacher - Valley Head High School (Effective 8/1/22) 
  • Sharon Miller - Intervention Teacher - Ruhama Jr. High School  (Effective 8/1/22) 
  • Jessica Reed - Itinerant Instructional Coach - Technology (10-months) - District (Effective 7/13/22) 
  •  Melissa Roberson - Itinerant EL Teacher - Collinsville High School  (Effective 8/1/22) 
  • Kristin Williams - ARI Instructional Coach - Crossville Elementary School  (Effective 8/1/22)


  • Maria Turner - Itinerant Special Education Paraprofessional - Collinsville High School  (Effective 8/1/22) 
  • Michaelle Jones - Itinerant School Social Worker - District  
  •  Matthew Henderson - Bus Driver - Collinsville High School  (Effective 8/1/22) 
  • Sarah Tomlinson - Itinerant School Nurse - Crossville Elementary School (Effective 8/1/22) 


  • Charles Warren - Teaching Duties - Ider High School 

The Board approved the payment of the 2022-2023 Annual School Board Membership Dues in the amount of $15,000.

Superintendent Lyles requested permission to place, pending board approval and permission to close Moon Lake Bank Accounts, which was approved by the Board. 

The date of the next Meeting of the Dekalb Board of Education will be  July 29. A work session will begin at 8:45 and the regular meeting at 9:00 in the Meeting Room at the Facilities Building.

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