Conservative Talk Show host Mark Levin endorses Mo Brooks for Senate!
June 8, 2017
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Conservative Talk Show host Mark Levin endorses Mo Brooks for Senate!

PHOTO: Conservative Talk Show Host Mark Levin has officially endorsed Mo Brooks for Senate! ( | “Mo Brooks” Wikimedia)

By Staff Reports

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. On Tuesday (June 6) Mark Levin endorsed Congressman Mo Brooks in the Alabama special election to fill the United States Senate seat formerly held by Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Levin is the host of The Mark Levin Show, a nationally syndicated radio show with a daily listening audience of more than 7 million, and LevinTV, a new media television show broadcast on Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Roku TV, among other digital mediums.

Levin said of the endorsement: “I want to announce now in Alabama for the Republican nomination, I support Mo Brooks. Mo Brooks is the congressman in the Huntsville area and so forth, and I’ve gotten to know Mo Brooks a little bit. I supported him… for Congress. He’s solid. He’s very solid. He has a very solid liberty score over at Conservative Review.”

“I know it’s a crowded field. I know there are others who think they should get the nomination, and others who are quite good, but Mo Brooks is a stand out. And he has demonstrated it already as a member of the House of Representatives,” explained Levin.

“He’s a reliable conservative and ladies and gentlemen we need more reliable, principled conservatives. Not re-puke-blicans, I mean Republicans. We need reliable, principled conservatives. And I think Mo Brooks would be an excellent United States Senator from the State of Alabama,” he said.

“So for what it’s worth… I want to give my endorsement to Mo Brooks for the Republican nomination for the Senate and to be the United States senator from the great State of Alabama.” Levin continued, “Mo Brooks, he would be a great senator.”

On receiving the endorsement Congressman Brooks stated, “We have the momentum in this race. Mark Levin is one of America’s premier conservative leaders. It’s a great honor to receive Mark’s endorsement and to see the conservative grassroots rallying to our campaign.”

The day before (Monday, June 5) Congressman Mo Brooks announced his appointment of Rep. Arnold Mooney (R – Birmingham) as Chairman of the Mo Brooks for U.S. Senate campaign.

Arnold Mooney (R – Birmingham) Represents House District 43 (Shelby and Jefferson County) and was elected in 2014. (

A family man and committed conservative businessman, Rep. Mooney represents Alabama House District 43, which includes portions of both Shelby and Jefferson County.  Prior to elected office, Rep. Mooney served twelve years as the campaign chairman for his predecessor, Rep. Mary Sue McClurkin. A longtime Republican, Rep. Mooney also ran Congressman Albert Lee Smith’s campaign for United States Senate against incumbent Democrat Howell Heflin in 1984.

In the private sector, Rep. Mooney is a commercial realtor, holding the CCIM designation, currently Associate Broker with Southeast Commercial Partners and formerly a Vice President with Colonial Properties Trust for 27 years. He is Life Member and Vulcan Award Recipient for Club of Excellence/Commercial Million Dollar Sales Club of the Birmingham Association of Realtors.

Rep. Mooney has been married to his wife Kelly for 31 years, and has three grown children, a grandson, and a granddaughter.

On his appointment as Chairman of the Mo Brooks for Senate Campaign Rep. Mooney stated:

“I have known Congressman Brooks by reputation for a long time and came to know him personally during the last presidential race.   While there are a number of factors that cause me to endorse Congressman Mo Brooks for the United States Senate, let me emphasize two,” stated Mooney.

“First, Congressman Brooks has a spotless ethics record and a reputation for putting Alabama and America above his personal interests.  For example, Congressman Brooks has served the public as a prosecutor in Tuscaloosa and Huntsville, as a state legislator, as a county commissioner and as a United States Congressman.  Not once, not once, has Congressman Brooks been the subject of a single ethics complaint with the Alabama Ethics Commission or any federal government ethics body.  That speaks volumes about the kind of public servant Congressman Brooks is.  I want an ethical person representing Alabama in the United States Senate and Congressman Brooks has a proven record of conducting himself in accord with the highest ethical standards,” explained Mooney.

“Second, Congressman Brooks has a long record of proven conservative leadership, as a prosecutor, as a legislator, as a commissioner and as a Congressman.  With Mo Brooks, I know Alabama will get a full spectrum conservative in the United States Senate.  No other candidate can boast the proven record of conservative leadership exhibited by Congressman Mo Brooks. With every other candidate, there is some degree of uncertainty about how they will vote in the United States Senate.  That is not the case with Congressman Mo Brooks,” concluded Mooney.

Upon announcing Rep. Mooney as his United States Senate campaign chairman Congressman Brooks stated:

“I am honored to have the support of a legislator as well-respected as Arnold Mooney.  Representative Mooney represents portions of both Shelby and Jefferson County.  These two counties, and other counties in the Jefferson County metro area, are critical to any candidate’s success in a Republican Primary.  I hope the people of the Jefferson County metro area understand that, with this appointment of Representative Mooney as chairman of my campaign, I am sending a clear, unambiguous signal that I know how important your part of the state is to Alabama and to America,” the statement read.

“Once elected to the United States Senate, I will rely heavily on the insight of Representative Arnold Mooney and other community leaders in the Jefferson County metro area to represent your views in Washington, D.C,” Concluded Brooks.

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