BOE to buy Bulletproof Vests

BOE to buy Bulletproof Vests

Marla Jones, Managing Editor

RAINSVILLE, Ala.-- (Full Video on Southern Torch Facebook) The Dekalb County Board of Education held its regularly scheduled meeting on November 17.

The Board approved the purchase of  bulletproof vests for  Student Resource Officers (SRO). This will be a financial help to the DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office, since the loss of revenue from pistol permit sales.

“We greatly appreciate the DeKalb County Board of Education Board Members and Superintendent Wayne Lyles. They are always willing to help when it comes to school safety and programs by our office” stated Sheriff Nick Welden.

“In times when our funding has been cut and our pistol permits funds are basically gone, expensive upgrades such as new vests for our SRO’s are needed. I can’t say thank you enough to the BOE for stepping up and helping our office.  Without this, our SRO’s would be using outdated equipment and that would pose a safety factor in protecting our schools” concluded Welden. 

The Board approved a  Supplemental Grocery Bid to Osborn Brothers.

The following Retirements and Resignations were approved:

• Barbara Neel - Family and Consumer Sciences Teacher - Valley Head High School - Retirement - 1/1/23 

• Charlotte Bouldin - Head Custodian (12 months) - Plainview High School - Retirement - 1/1/23 

• Scarlett Sims - Itinerant ARI Local Reading Specialist - Sylvania High School - Resignation - 11/2/22 

• Lana Bloxom - CNP Worker - Geraldine High School - Declined 

• Lorrie Waycaster - English Language Arts Teacher - Fyffe High School - Resignation - 12/30/22 

 • Brent Casey - Elementary Teacher - Crossville Elementary School - Resignation - 11/11/22 

• Ashley Phillips - Itinerant Special Education Paraprofessional - Fyffe Special Services Center - Resignation -12/17/22 

The following  Leaves of Absence were granted:

• Ashley Lewis - Elementary Teacher - Geraldine High School - 12/5/22-1/27/23 

• Amanda McKee - CNP Worker - Fyffe High School - 8/1/22-1/2/23 (Extended from 8/29/22) 

• Alicia McDaniel - CNP Worker - Crossville Elementary School 11/1/22-1/2/23 

The following On -the- Job Injury was approved:

Stephanie Lacey - Bus Driver - Crossville Middle School - 8 days 

The following  Transfers were approved:

• Melissa Warren - Elementary Teacher at Ruhama Jr. High School to Itinerant ARI Local Reading Specialist for the District 

• Timothy Elijah White - Instructional Aide at Plainview High School to Elementary Teacher at Crossville Elementary School (Effective 11/28/22) 

The following  Placements were made: (All placements are made pending a background review meeting suitability criteria and negative, pre-employment drug screen and appropriate certification) 


• Suzanne Smith - Itinerant Speech Pathologist - Henagar Jr. High School (Effective 11/28/22)

• Brittany Stuart - Elementary Teacher - Crossville Middle School (Effective 11/14/22) 

• Holly Connell - Band Director - Plainview High School  (Effective 1/1/23) 

• Gena Sims - Interim Band Director - Plainview High School (Effective 10/28/22 - 12/31/22) 


• Kim Wooten - CNP Worker - Geraldine High School  (Effective 11/19/22) 

• Billy Carroll - Custodian (12 months) - Plainview High School (Effective 1/1/23) 

• Tim Coppick - Assistant Custodian (7-hour/9-month) - Crossville Middle School  (Effective 11/28/22) 

• Jennifer Black Knight - Bus Driver - Ider High School 

• Joey Smith - CNP Worker (Leave from 10/31/22-1/2/23) - Fyffe High School  (Effective 11/6/22) 

The following Volunteer Coaches were approved:

Fyffe High School -Alyssa Webb  (Junior High Basketball 

• Plainview High School -Thomas Perry (Basketball )

Superintendent Wayne Lyles requested permission to place pending Board approval.  

Superintendent Lyles also introduced a  proposal to increase store worker salaries from $9.69/hour to $11.00/hour.  The Board approved the proposal and those increases will be effective 11/1/22. 

In other business the board elected Carol Heitt to serve as  Chairman and Robert Elliot to serve as Vice-Chairman for the Board. 

The next meeting of the DeKalb County Board of Education will be on January 19, 2023  with a work session at 4:30 p.m. and the regular meeting beginning at  5:00 the Meeting Room at the Facilities Building

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