Commission to Resume Pre-Covid Schedule

Commission to Resume Pre-Covid Schedule

By Marla Jones

Managing Editor

FORT PAYNE, Ala. -- (Full video on Southern Torch Facebook) The DeKalb County Commission met on Wednesday, November 16.  During the meeting,  Ron Saferite, newly elected Commissioner for District III was sworn in, along with Commissioner Lester Black of District IV and Commission President, Ricky Harcrow. 

The Commission voted on two organizational items.  The Commission set the dates and times of the DeKalb County Commission meetings on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month at 10 a.m, beginning in January 2023.  During the covid pandemic, meetings were limited to once a month. Commissioner Shane Wooten was elected as the President Pro-Tem of the DeKalb County Commission. 

DeKalb County Engineer Ben Luther, presented the ALDOT Snow and Ice Contract. The contract is renewed each year.

The Commission approved Road 1909. According to County Engineer Ben Luther, the developer of the subdivision has met all specifications for the road to be considered a County Road.

The DeKalb County Sherrif’s Office (DCSO) made several  personnel changes:

• New Hires included: Ivan Dougan, Evan Wilborn, and moved Katy Monroe from part-time dispatch to full-time dispatch to fill open slot left by Savannah Willingham 

• Resignations included:Parker Perea, Cindy Minton (Medical) and Cameron Mattos

• Promotion: Tiffany Edwards Young was promoted to Sgt. of the B-Shift

The DCSO asked to send Chief Seth Cagle and Deputy Chief Tracie Hamiltyon to Corrections Officers Jail Training (11/15-11/22) which was approved by the Commission.

The Commission approved the purchase of a backup bus for the TCouncil on Aging in the amount of $6,240.  They approved the moving of a substitute driver for the department to a full-time position and will hire a substitute to fill the position.

County Adminstratior Matt Sharp presented the Health Insurance Policy to the Commission and requested that since healthcare prices were increasing that the Commission help on the family plans. The employees insurance is paid 100% but he suggested that with the increase, the cost for family coverage will be $759 per month. The Commission set the family plans to $500 per month.

The Commission passed three projects that will help DeKalb County citizens with issues that they may have with drinking water in their area:

• The Hwy 85 Water Main Upgrade Allocation Resolution covered the additional $27,500 cost that the project came in at.  They contractor will replace 3” line with a 6” line that will help with waterflow in that area. 

• Collinsville Water Project Expediture Resolution that will give the residents of the area clean drinking water.

• The Expeniture Resolution for the NE Water Projects for County Road 396 and 180 were also approved.  All three projects came in at additional costs but were more funds were allocated. 

The DeKalb County Commission passed the Forever Wild Land Trust Resolution that will preserve 79.5 acres, a land lease for $767.00 per year will paid to DeKalb County. 

The Commission also proclaimed November as National Family Caregivers Month. 

The next meeting of the DeKalb County Commission will be held on December 13, 2022 beginning at 10 a.m.

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