Drag Show Venue fined by ABC

Drag Show Venue fined by ABC

FORT PAYNE, Ala.--The Alabama Alcohol Beverage Control Board (ABC) suspended the privilege of selling alcoholic beverages to The Stockade Pub and Eatery effective January 4th, 2023 until further notice. According to an ABC spokesperson, that privilege has been restored.

The Stockade is located at 212 Gault Avenue North, Fort Payne and has been in business since August 2022. Recently, The Stockade Pub has been the subject of controversy in downtown Fort Payne because of their hosting of a Drag Queen show recently. The promotion of the show online drew positive and negative reactions from locals.

A sign posted on the front door of the business cited ABC regulation 20-x-2.03 (5) as the reason for closure. 

Ala. Admin Code r. 20-X-2.03(5) states: (5) When a licensee has been cited for a violation, the licensee may elect to waive a hearing before the Hearing Commission and/or the ABC Board and enter a plea of guilty to such violation. If a fine is imposed upon said guilty plea, the licensee shall remit the full amount thereof to the ABC Board by cashier's or certified check or money order within seven (7) days after the entry of such guilty plea or, in the event responsible vendor mitigation has been sought, then within seven (7) days after notification of the action of the mitigation committee. Failure to so remit said fine within the seven-day period shall subject the licensee to an automatic license suspension, commencing immediately without any appeal thereof, until such fine is paid to the Administrator and the licensee has received from the Administrator a letter of reinstatement of the license together with the license, itself.

Fort Payne City Clerk Robert A. Parker stated that he had been notified of the license suspension and was in contact with the Alabama Beverage Control Board to see what steps would be taken by the City of Fort Payne.

“The licensee received a citation from an ABC Licensing Agent in the Ft. Payne area and did not pay it in a timely manner which triggered the sign being placed on the establishment’s door earlier today” stated Daniel Dye, Public Information Officer for the ABC. “Soon after the sign was placed the owner paid the citation and is again licensed to sell alcoholic beverages.

The citation was for failure to keep records/receipts on the licensed premises [ABC Reg 20-X-6-.04(4)]. Again, this citation was paid today and the establishment is cleared to sell alcoholic beverages.”

Calls made to The Stockade were not answered, as of press time. 

This is an ongoing story with more details to be added as they become available. 

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