Longest-Serving Engineer in DeKalb

Longest-Serving Engineer in DeKalb

Marla Jones, Managing Editor


DEKALB, Ala.-- DeKalb County Engineer, Ben Luther was recognized at a recent Commission meeting, as the longest-serving engineer in DeKalb County history.

Luther graduated from Geraldine High School in 1996. He attended Snead State Community College, from 1996 to 1998. Luther then transferred to Auburn University in, Fall of 1998.

Luther graduated from Auburn University, in the Spring of 2001 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering.

After graduating from Auburn, Luther started his career in Huntsville, AL for Johnson &  Associates, an engineering and surveying company. He was hired by DeKalb County as the Assistant Engineer in March 2003.

Luther served as the Assistant Engineer under three different County Engineers until November 2008. On  December 1, 2008, he was promoted to County Engineer.

Since December 1979 when DeKalb County was released from the State as a “Captive County”, meaning the State Department of Transportation is responsible for construction, repair and maintenance of the roads and bridges, there have been eleven (11) different County Engineers in that 29-year span until Luther took over the job. One of those engineers was hired twice. The longest serving of those eleven prior to Luther was from August 1984 to October 1989.

The duties of the DeKalb County Engineer are as follow: 

• Oversight of Federal and State Aid Roadway and Bridge Projects, from development through construction, including the “Rebuild Alabama” program

• County Bridge Inspection Program Manager (we currently have 168 structures in inventory)

• Management of County’s Subdivision regulations

• County Floodplain Administrator

• Road and Bridge Safety Director for the Road Department

• Engineering services as needed throughout DeKalb County governmental agencies

Engineer Luther is now beginning his fifteenth (15th) year as the DeKalb County Engineer and will have a total of twenty (20) years of service come April 2023.

Luther has the following Licenses and Certifications:

• Licensed Professional Engineer, State of Alabama, since 2006

• Certified Bridge Inspector, since 2006

• Certificate in County Engineering Administration, Alabama Local Government Training Institute and Association of County Commissions of Alabama, 2011

Luther is married to Bambi Luther.  They have two children. He also serves as an ordained Baptist Deacon.

“ I have been very fortunate and blessed to have worked for Commissioners who have been very willing to work together and provide the best we could for the citizens of the County, considering the resources that we have to work with” stated Luther.

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