Ice Threatens Major Travel Impacts

Ice Threatens Major Travel Impacts

By Southern Torch Staff

MONTGOMERY — The Alabama Department of Transportation and the Alabama Emergency  Management Agency advise motorists that freezing rain will likely coat roads with ice in north and  west-central Alabama beginning tonight. Furthermore, much of the state will experience freezing  temperatures over the next few days which could produce widespread “black ice” conditions. 

In addition to icing on roadways due to freezing rain, north and west-central Alabama may see  additional accumulations of sleet and snow. 

Forecasts indicate icy conditions will be a concern through late morning Wednesday, Feb. 17, due  to temperatures remaining near or below freezing even during daytime hours Monday and  Tuesday. Anywhere temperatures are below freezing, moisture on pavement surfaces may freeze  to form black ice — a transparent layer of ice on the roadway that is difficult for motorists to  detect in advance. 

Travel on all routes in the affected areas will be potentially hazardous, and some routes may  become impassable. Motorists are strongly advised not to travel except in case of emergency.  

Stay weather-aware by monitoring the news and the National Weather Service in your area for the  latest weather information. Check road conditions through local news media and  or by downloading the ALGO Traffic app, available online in the Apple App Store and on Google  

Play. Check with local county or municipal governments for conditions on county and local  roadways. 

If traveling, beware of hazardous conditions, and reduce speed as conditions dictate. Please slow  down and move over if possible when approaching ALDOT and other highway maintenance  personnel or emergency responders at work. Take preparedness steps such as carrying a kit  including a car charger, ice scraper, jumper cables and blankets, as well as food, water and other  critical supplies. For the latest preparedness tips visit 

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