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RAINSVILLE, Ala.--On 02/13/2023 many departments in the area responded to a vehicle accident in Powell, where a car had collided with a wagon being pulled by a horse. This accident caused injury to the Mennonite family on the horse-drawn wagon, and the horse sustained fatal injuries. As anyone can imagine, this was scary news to hear. All too often these types of collisions can be avoided. Title 32 in the Alabama Code Book contains the ”Rules of the Road”. 32-5A-5 Specifically states that animal-drawn vehicles have the same rights on a roadway as any motor-driven vehicle. Rainsville Police Department will criminally prosecute anyone that dangerously violates any traffic laws that puts in danger anyone on a horse-drawn wagon.

In light of this terrible accident that occurred (February 13th) Rainsville Police Department is asking for the communities help in raising awareness and understanding that horse-drawn vehicles will be traveling through our city. Citizens need to pay attention on roadways; Distracted driving is dangerous and against the law. When approaching a horse-drawn vehicle we ask that you give yourself plenty of time to move to the left (fast) lane and overtake the vehicle cautiously and at a steady speed. This ensures safety for both you and the wagon you’re passing.

“I have contacted the State of Alabama Department of Transportation in regards to installing horse-drawn vehicle caution signs along AL 35 and AL 75”, said Chief Edmondson. “Hopefully in the near future, there will be signs along those highways to remind drivers to share the road with these types of vehicles. Let’s all please do our part to make Rainsville welcoming to our Mennonite neighbors in our area”.

Chief Edmondson and Rainsville Police Department asked that anyone witnessing traffic violations in our community please report the violations quickly by calling (256) 638-2157. “If you see something, say something” Chief Edmondson added.

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