Marla Jones, Managing Editor

FORT PAYNE, Ala.-- On Saturday, Peluquería Acapulco Barbershop was a buzz, literally, with a hair competition to help individual barbers/stylists gain extra knowledge and confidence. 

This is the second year that Peluqueria Acapulco Barber Shop manager/barber, Elmer Gonzalez hosted the competition.  In 2019, there were seven contestants.  This year the contestants grew to nine. According to Gonzalez, bigger cities have bigger competitions and shows but many local professionals do not get to attend due to resources.

Each contestant in the competition is required to bring a live model.  The stylists have 45 minutes to complete a traditional haircut.  While that seems like a good bit of time,  Gonzalez stated “you are out of your comfort zone with 100 people watching you”.  

“It’s definitely the hardest haircut you will ever cut” informed Gonazlez.  

Elvia Calvillo, of Fort Payne, was this year's winner of the competition. This was her first hair competition.

Prior to the competition, a “Look and Learn Class” was presented by the barbershop. 

Elmer Gonzalez has been a barber since 2013.  Acapulco Barber Shop is a family business with the other barbers that work there, seeming like family. 

“I would not trade it for anything and this community has helped me enjoy it even more,” said Gonzalez.

“Most importantly, I try to help other professionals in the area to be more confident and to step out of their comfort zone,” stated Gonzalez.  “Everyone can eat from the same pie.”

“Many people still find this career as a (side hustle) but with dedication and consistency, anyone can make this into a career.  I have been able to go to different states and be part of something bigger because of haircutting” concluded Gonzalez. 

Peluquería Acapulco Barber Shop is located at 1014 Gault Avenue North Fort Payne.  Their hours are :

  • Monday and Tuesday 10 am-6pm
  • Closed on Wednesday
  • Thursday and Friday, 10 am-6:30 pm 
  • Saturday 10 am- 5 p.m.

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