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By Megan Blansit, ST Faith Columnist (Submitted Photo) This article was previously published in an earlier edition of The Southern Torch. It has been rerun by request. Well friends, 2018 is winding down! I hope some awesome things have happened for you

By Marla Jones, Reporter • marla@southerntorch.com (Photo by Marla Jones) PICTURED (L to R): Amy Glover, Charlie Glover, Adrienne Guice, Lamesa Bowman, Danny Stewart, Carol Stewart, Sharon Byrd, Debbie Wofford, Tyler Ledford, Gerald Bowman. (Middle Row): Brody Freeman, Gill Farmer, Mason Farmer, Amanda Whitfield,

By Staff Reports RAINSVILLE, Ala. — Band. Beta. Basketball. What do these three have in common? First, they all begin with the letter “b.” Not very impressive. Secondly, they all involve competition. That’s better. Additionally, they all bring joy to

By Amy Thrash, Reporter • amy@southerntorch.com FORT PAYNE, Ala. — Most eleven-year-olds want a swimming party for their birthday, but Mason Chandler had a different idea for his special day. Mason’s dad Nathan contacted celebrity magician/illusionist Jaden Maxwell, who has appeared on

(Megan Blansit,  ST Faith Contributor) By Megan Blansit, Southern Torch Faith Contributor  Do you desire alone time, but your crazy schedule doesn’t allow it? Recently, after a busy day, I took a trip to the coffee shop to hopefully clear

PHOTO: Brother Gary Hartline and members of the Rainsville Community Church recently returned from mission trips to both Uganda and Kentucky. (Gary Hartline) By C. Campbell, Staff Writer cody@southerntorch.com RAINSVILLE, Ala. — In the Book of Acts, the followers of Christ

The Gift

By Zachary Hester, Art Director As the weather begins to chill and the frost starts to appear on the windshields of our cars in the morning, we know what season is coming: Christmas. For my family, we pick up a

By Megan Blansit, Southern Torch Faith Contributor Has anyone reading this ever been through a storm? And by “storm” I mean a rough time. Great, glad I’m not the only one. Storms are no fun. They’re often draining spiritually, mentally,

By Megan Blansit, Southern Torch Faith Contributor megan@southerntorch.com Hi everyone! I am so happy to be back! As a little background, I took a season off from writing to focus on completing my Master’s degree, and PRAISE THE LORD I am

Who Are You?

By Lucas Pruett Last night, I started reading one of the most impactful books I have ever picked up. It is called Victory Over the Darkness. If you get one thing out of this article, then please let it be