New Paving Projects in Rainsville

New Paving Projects in Rainsville

Marla Jones, Managing Editor

RAINSVILLE, ALA.-- (Full video on Southern Torch Facebook Page) The Rainsville City Council held its regularly scheduled meeting on March 21.  

The Council authorized Mayor Lingerfelt to sign the contract and follow the State Bid Law for the following road paving projects: Willingham, Davis, Martin, Rosewood and Gala. 

The Council Accepted the bid for Chavies Road Reconstruction from Wiregrass Construction Bid in the amount of $136,338.75. This will include the elevation of the culvert and guardrail and repaving.

Emily McCamy of the DeKalb Council on Aging updated the Council on the many different activities and benefits that the local Senior Centers offer. Each Senior Center has its own schedule of events and activities for DeKalb residents age 60 and older.  

Rainsville Fire Chief Williemac Wright discussed the Knox Box Secure Key System that needed to be updated. The secure lockbox is used by businesses to make a key available for emergency personnel. The system is coded, with every use documented. 

Wright went on to state that some elderly residents were also enrolled in the system, in case first responders needed to obtain entrance into their homes. 

The Council approved the update to the Knox Box Secure Key System in the amount of $3,600.00.

Chief Wright is also applying for a Volunteer Firefighter Grant, funded by the American Rescue Plan, in the amount of $10,320.00. The American Rescue Plan is designed to facilitate the United States' recovery from the economic and health effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Council approved for Mayor Rodger Lingerfelt to sign grant applications. 

In other business:

Signed a contract with Waterlogic to install filtered water units in the City Hall, Police Dept, Fire Dept, and Library

Sewer Pump Repair at Chambers Pump Station in the amount of $9500.00

The Next Regular Council Meeting will be on April 4, 2022.

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