Ivey Promotes Masks After Mandate Ends

Ivey Promotes Masks After Mandate Ends

By Zach Hester, Reporterzach@southerntorch.com

ALABAMA — Governor Kay Ivey (R-Ala.) is promoting the continued usage of masks even after the end of the State of Alabama's mask mandate later next month.

"After April 9, masks will no longer be a mandate, but they remain one of the most successful tools we have to keep folks safe from COVID-19," said Ivey. "Masks are soon to be a memory but until then, let's wear them out!"

On Monday, the Governor's Office released new signage for business owners to post on their buildings, includings artwork that reads, "Thank You for Wearing a Mask," "Masks Required for Service," and "Please Wear a Mask." 

"I hope these are helpful to businesses around the state as they set their own protocols to operate safely," Ivey continued.

The State of Alabama's mask mandate has been in place since July. Earlier this month, Governor Ivey extended the mandate "for the final time," announced it would end on April 9, with the governor preferring personal responsibilty over a government mandate.

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