Barnett Inducted into SOE Alumni Hall of Fame

Barnett Inducted into SOE Alumni Hall of Fame

By Southern Torch Staff

JACKSONVILLE, Ala. — DeKalb County Superintendent Dr. Jason Barnett has been inducted into the Jacksonville State University Instructional Leadership SoE Alumni Hall of Fame.

Prior to serving as superintendent of Education, Dr. Barnett has served as an instructional aide, classroom teacher, school-based instructional coach, district-wide instructional coach, school administrator and adjunct professor of Instructional Leadership. 

Dr. Barnett suggests that these varied experiences have lent him a unique perspective into the schooling experience and allowed him to see things from a variety of perspectives. 

As a three-time graduate of Jacksonville State University, B.S, M.S, and Ed.S, Dr. Barnett is thankful for the opportunities that JSU has provided him to reach both personal and professional goals. 

Following JSU, Jason continued his education at the University of Alabama, where he received his doctorate degree in Instructional Leadership. 

Dr Barnett would like to thank the educators he works alongside daily in our schools who make all the difference each and every day. “These ladies and gentlemen in our schools are difference-makers, and I am proud to support each of them in the work we are doing together,” Barnett said. 

"It was a great honor and surprise to be inducted into the JSU School of Education Hall of Fame. This was an award and honor I was not expecting. In reflection and reviewing the list of members inducted before me, I noticed a lot of names and people who have been instrumental in improving the lives of children and families across our great state and nation," he continued. "I am grateful to be a part of that list, but I must admit that  I feel certain that I am not truly worthy of such a recognition. That being said, I am very honored and look forward to continuing the work for our students, families and communities to be the best of our collective abilities. So I want to thank JSU for such a distinct recognition and will work tirelessly to make them proud of my inclusion in this distinguished group."

Jason is married to Leah Barnett, who teaches secondary English Language Arts at Plainview High School. They have two children, Leighton, 10, and Porter, 7.

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