Inspection Questions Unanswered

Inspection Questions Unanswered

By Marla Jones, Managing Editor •

PHOTO: Local builder Mitchell Kilgore addressed the Council regarding the potential designation of City Inspector. (Marla Jones | Southern Torch)

RAINSVILLE, Ala. — (Full Video on our Facebook) The City of Rainsville held a public hearing on Thursday to discuss the need of home inspections within the City. Builders, realtors and residents were in attendance to voice their opinions.

Builders Labron Whiteside, Mitchell Kilgore, and Dallas Burt addressed the Council on their concerns.  

Whiteside stated he thought that mandatory inspections were a good idea to protect younger builders in the community, while Kilgore questioned whether or not the builders could use their regular licensed inspectors. 

Burt inquired on how accessible the inspector would be, should one be designated. 

Local realtors AshLee Vaughn and Randy Wilson addressed the Council as well. Vaughn, the DeKalb County Realtor President, stated that the inspections would help them better serve their customers. She went on to say several builders use the 3-point inspection, and recommended all local builders employ this practice. 

Wilson echoed Vaughn’s sentiment along with the idea that the inspector should be licensed to cover all types for their customers. He also brought forth the idea that there should be a list of approved inspectors, not just one individual.

No action was taken regarding the hiring of an inspector with several questions remaining unanswered. A decision will be made soon regarding the inspection process.