DeKalb County Passes $25.5 M Budget

DeKalb County Passes $25.5 M Budget

By Marla Jones

Managing Editor

FORT PAYNE, Ala.-- (Full Video on Southern Torch Facebook)  The DeKalb County Commission met on Tuesday, September 13, for their regularly scheduled meeting. 

The Commission passed its 2023 FY budget of approximately $25.5 million. It includes a 4% COLA for employees. Other highlights of the budget include $9.127,900 for the Sheriff/Jail,

$7,729,200 for Roads/Engineering, $1,049,400 for Rural Public Transportation and other Aging and Rx Grant Projects, $6,622,400 for all other General Fund and Reappraisal Departments, and $954,100 for various other departments.

The following were hired for the Road Department:

Norman Price( District 3) to replace Steven Guffey

  Resignation of William King (D3)

 Jacob Lea (Unit) to replace Tracy Turner

A position was posted for the shop (David Maddox resigned

In Engineering, the following were  approved:

Project No. ST-025-888-022, Resurfacing of CR-147 and Various Municipal Streets – Awarded to Rogers Group, Inc. = $548,872.24

• Awarded Annual Bids (multiple vendors for road building materials)

• Road 9076 Resurfacing Proposals – Awarded to TriState TNT Paving = $23,000.00

• Traffic Striping Proposals – Awarded to JC Cheek Contracting = $13,968.75 (on County Roads 78, 97, 505 and Brooks Street in Fyffe)

• Vacated a portion of the undeveloped platted right-of-way within the Gorham Mini Farms, between County Roads 130 & 89)

The following changes were made in Sheriff’s Office: 

• Move Tim Rector from SRO at Collinsville to SRO at VH (to replace Lamar Bray) – Both were Part-time employees

 • Hire Jairo Castillo to replace Tim Rector as SRO at Collinsville – FT (1/2 of the difference to be paid by BOE)

• Transfer Allie Cowart from PT to FT and transfer Ryan Sauls from FT to PT Dispatch


• Hire Tiffany Edwards, Justin Bryan, Jessica Johnson, Emmanuel Patters and Shawn Rehm to replace employees that have resigned/retire

• Promote Nathan Gentry to replace Christopher Zito as Shift Sgt

• Promote Christopher Zito to Staff Sgt to replace Lee Meadows 

• Transfer Gary Boulding from Transport to work crew to replace Donald Morgan

• Transfer Charles Young from Admin Asst to Transport

 • Transfer Christina Corona to Admin Asst to replace Charles Young  

 The shared Use Agreement for the DeKalb County Emergency Management was passed. This is an MOU with Birmingham Emergency Communication District to share P25 infrastructure (the AIRS – the State system). 

 An HVAC Bid tp replace an HVAC Unit at the jail was approved in the amount of  $24,860.

 The Title VI Resolution was passed.  This is a required resolution saying the County has a policy of non-discrimination and that they make an effort not to discriminate for the Rural Public Transportation Department. 

 The Investment Resolution was passed which is a resolution that would authorize County Administrator Matt Sharp to negotiate for the investment of surplus funds in US Treasuries. Currently, any of our ARPA, Bond or other funds on hand are held in CDs at a rate of 0.25%. Brad Green with Raymond James has said US Treasuries (which are secured and we have the legal right to invest in) are running at about 3.0%. Raymond James would then do bids with various financial institutions to get the best rates for the County.

The next meeting of the DeKalb County Commission will be held on October 11.

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