Bear Hit Close to Little River Canyon

Bear Hit Close to Little River Canyon

By Marla Jones, Managing Editor •

ALABAMA — On Tuesday, as she was heading down the mountain from Little River Canyon, Brittany Biddle drove up on something you do not see every day, a baby cub in the road. 

The cub had been hit and the driver did not stop.  Additional bear cubs were on the side of the road and Biddle knew she had to do something to protect them.  Luckily someone stopped to help her and they got the bear cub off the road.

Onstar alerted authorities after impact with the Broomtown Fire Department, National Park Service officials, Floyd EMS Medics, and Cherokee County Sheriff’s Offices responding to the call. Rangers from the Alabama Fish and Game, along with the National Park Services took custody of the bear.  

After an examination, it was determined that the bear had a broken lower jaw. 

“I’m so glad that God placed me there at that moment,” stated Biddle. 

Southern Torch will update with more information once that is made available from the Alabama Fish and Game.

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