Who is Ready for Some Football?

Who is Ready for Some Football?

By Marla Jones, Sports Editor • marla@southerntorch.com

ALABAMA-- On Thursday, the Alabama High School Athletic Association announced that football will be played this fall.

According to the press conference and the AHSAA Best Practices Return to Play for 2020 guidelines, the purpose is to have complete athletic seasons through championship plays. 

School systems may choose to begin fall practice on or after July 27. Two-a-day practices are prohibited during the week of July 27 but may begin on August 3.  

A few of the highlights of the press conference were that football season will start as originally scheduled.  Athletes can attend school either in person or through virtual means.

School districts will decide whether they will play or opt-out of competition without penalty.  Districts can also decide if fans will be allowed to attend the games.  

“As long as the AHSAA does not change course, we will be playing ball and at this time we do not anticipate limiting fan attendance ”stated DeKalb County Superintendent, Dr. Jason Barnett. 

There will be some rule modifications for 2020. 

  • The team box will be extended on both sides of the field to the 10-yard line
  • Face masks are permissible
  • Time-outs will be extended to a maximum of two minutes
  • Intermission between periods will be extended to two minutes
  • Only one captain will be allowed at the coin toss
  • Individuals should maintain social distancing of 6 feet at all times when in the team box
  • Individuals should not share uniforms, towels or equipment
  • Footballs should be cleaned and sanitized throughout the contest
  • Officials may use an electronic whistle and facemask
  • All players should have their own beverage container
  • Handshakes will be suspended during the coin toss, pregame, and postgame

Schools across DeKalb County will begin their football season on August 21.

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