Pay Those Speeding Tickets!

Pay Those Speeding Tickets!

By Marla Jones, Managing Editor •

PHOTO: Rainsville Police Chief Michael Edmondson discusses numerous outstanding warrants left on the books since 1980 to the Council. (Marla Jones | Southern Torch)

RAINSVILLE, Ala. — The Rainsville Council held their regularly scheduled meeting on Monday, November 16. 

Rainsville Police Chief Michael Edmondson addressed the Council on outstanding warrants from speeding tickets. According to Court Clerk Tammy Mason, there are 1,844 miscellaneous warrants dating back to 1980 on the books. Unpaid fines would closely amount to $544,000. A complete list of outstanding warrants will be released after the upcoming holidays. An amnesty day will be set for some time in February. Chief Edmondson stated he did not want to put a financial burden on anyone during the holidays.  

Sam Phillips addressed the Council on completed paving projects within the City. He advised that the project was for $213,208.72 and was over budget by only $36.00. 

The following items were approved by the Council:

  • Accepted the Paving Project addressed in CR-RES-2020-01 in the amount of $213,208.72
  • Replace culverts on Wade, Willingham, Everett East, Everett West in the amount of $23,000
  • Surplus a desk and refrigerator from the Rainsville Police Department-Resolution 11-16-2020
  • Approved Kennedi Traylor and Sandy Little to take a virtual Revenue Class on December 10-11
  • Approved Kelly Frazier to attend the City Clerk Conference in Huntsville on December 2-4
  • Approved the reimbursement of $415 to Court Magistrate Tammy Mason for online classes
  • Approved a one-time pay raise for city employees
  • Streetlight installation on Ranch Road/Hwy 75
  • Approved for Chief Willimac Wright to file the AFG Application at the Rainsville Fire Department (This grant will be for a new engine and turn out gear)
  • Approved ladder testing for the Rainsville Fire Department in the amount of $1,327.00
  • Approved roadwork on George Wallace to extend ditches, backfill, slope, and install new headwall in the amount of $2,400
  • Install new grate on Rainbow Avenue in the amount of $2,900
  • Approved a grate and concrete headwalls on Grimes Street in the amount of $1,400.00
  • Approved a bucket truck rental in the amount of $400 to aid in the installation of City Christmas Lights.

The Council amended the agenda, to add the following items to be approved pertaining to the Rainsville Police Department:

  • Replace carpet with vinyl flooring throughout the Police Department in the amount of $11,502.77.  This was much needed due to age and mold issues. 
  • Approved the purchase of a 2-wheel drive Tahoe for the department in the amount of $34,934.76 and a 4-wheel drive Tahoe in the amount of $37,654.71.

The Board went into an Executive Session to discuss potential litigation. After coming out of the executive session, the Council suspended the rule for immediate consideration of Emergency Ordinance 11-16-2020, which addressed the accepting of applications for signs larger than 32 square feet, which was approved by the Council. 

The next council meeting will be held on Monday, December 7 at 4:30 p.m.

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