NACC Announces Community Scholarship Program

NACC Announces Community Scholarship Program

By Zach Hester, Reporter •

POWELL, Ala. — Northeast Alabama Community College (NACC) has announced the establishment of a Community Scholarship program. 

The program, which is funded through NACC tuition waivers and the NACC Foundation, is available for local residents who want to "train for a new career or return to college after an extended break." It was initiated by the Alabama Community College System (ACCS) to assist Alabama residents recovering from the coroanvirus pandemic.

"This is set up for the 2021 Spring Semester only," said NACC President Dr. David Campbell. "It is really a great opportunity for someone to start a certificate, degree program, or to finish a program they had previously started." 

The deadline to apply for the program is December 1, 2020. Standard admission requirements still apply, and applicants are required to complete a 2020-21 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) application.

The scholarship is available for a maximum of six (6) credit hours at Northeast. 

According to a statement from NACC, in order to obtain a scholarship under this program, you must meet one of the following requirements: 

• Non-Traditional Age Student: Over 24 years old, new students or students who have not been enrolled at NACC in the last two (2) years

• Dual Enrollment: Available to 10th grade new students whopay for one (1) class to get a second one under this scholarship

• Success Plus Scholarship: Applicable to high-demand fields, and students who meet the Non-Traditional Age requirements. Scholarship may only be used for technical courses.

• Career Tech Scholarship for Non-Traditional Gender Careers: Encourages students to enter non-traditional gender occupations and meet the Non-Traditional Age requirements. Scholarship may only be used for technical courses.

• Underrepresented Student Scholarship: Encourages new students from underrepresented groups to start college or come back to college after a break on a buy-one-get-one model for underrepresented minorities

For more information, please visit or contact Dean Sherie Grace at (256) 228-6001 ext. 2325.

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