Collinsville Residents Seek Answers at BOE

Collinsville Residents Seek Answers at BOE

By Marla Jones, Managing Editor •

RAINSVILLE, Ala. — The residents and alumni of Collinsville came before the Board of Education on Thursday evening seeking answers to problems that students face at Collinsville school. 

Spokespeople Monica Dennis and Libba Peek addressed the board regarding a home economics/ag building, air conditioning in the varsity gym, conditions in Alumni Hall (old gym), the building of a new gym, new bleachers, the need for handicap accessibility within the school and finally a music program. 

“We have almost doubled in size over the last few years,” said Dennis. Collinsville has recently been reclassified as a 3A school. “Our growth requires a larger facility to provide the best educational experience for our children, and we believe we are entitled to the same as all the other schools in the county. Not better, nor worse but the same.”

The Board along with Dr. Jason Barnett responded to the concerns. Barnett stated while there was progress on these items, no time frame had been established. “I do know that some of the preliminary approval documents were in Montgomery at the Alabama Building Commission,” he said. 

Dennis and Peek asked to be put on the agenda to follow up with these matters in the March meeting.

Lauren Roszell also addressed the Board. Roszell, the band director at Geraldine High School, updated the Board regarding the 200th Anniversary Parade that several local bands from DeKalb participated in. She presented the board with hats and flags from the event. 

The Board approved a bid for concession beverages for Fyffe High School to Scottsboro Coca-Cola. 

The following early graduates were honored:

  • Collinsville High School: Isaac Cooper Tillery, Sarah Melissa Jones, Sharan Zheng (Junior), Julia Jeira Gipson (Junior) 
  • Sylvania High School: Kaylyn Brown, McCoy Teague, McKenna Bethune, Hannah Johnson

The Board approved the following on the job injuries:

  • Susan Nelson - CNP Worker - Crossville Elementary School,
  • Leslie Sisk - Secretary - Annex  

During the meeting, the Board went into Executive Session to discuss the good name and character of an employee with the following action taken:

  • Termination; Hannah Neel - Family and Consumer Sciences Teacher - Sylvania High School - Termination (Effective 1/23/20)

The following retirements and resignations were announced:

  • Scottie Davis - Bus Driver - Crossville Schools - Retirement - 3/1/20 
  • Dewayne White - Shop Foreman - Transportation - Retirement - 4/1/20 
  • Faye Kilgo - Head Custodian - Crossville Middle School - Resignation - 12/30/19 
  • Ben Pickett - Boys Golf Coach - Sylvania High School - Resignation - 1/3/20 

The following Leave of Absences was granted:

  • Jerry Smith - Custodian - Crossville Middle School - 12/2/19-1/28/20
  • Susan Lowden - Pre-K Auxiliary - Geraldine High School - 8/21/19-2/14/20 (Extended from 1/6/20)
  • Ashley Smith - Elementary Teacher - Ider High School - 1/2/20-3/20/20 
  • Teresa Word - Elementary Teacher - Crossville Elementary School - 9/16/19-3/1/20 (Extended from 12/19/19) 
  • Kerry Starling - Elementary Teacher - Sylvania High School - 2/3/20-4/3/20 
  • Misty McAllister - Elementary Teacher - Henagar Jr. High School - 12/23/19-2/3/20 
  • Clarinda Hambrick - Elementary Teacher - Crossville Elementary School - 1/2/20-1/26/20
  • Tammy Whitworth - Intervention Teacher - Crossville Elementary School - 12/30/19-3/1/20
  • Angela Shankles - English Language Arts Teacher - Plainview High School - 1/09/20-2/25/20
  • Kimmy Hanners - CNP Worker - Geraldine High School - 8/2/19-2/28/20 (Extended from 11/4/19) 


  • Brian Pool from P.E. Teacher at Crossville Middle School to Assistant Principal at Crossville High School (2019-236) (Retroactive January 2, 2020) 

Placements (All placements are made pending a background review meeting suitability criteria and negative, pre-employment drug screen and appropriate certification):


  • Akela Barkley - English Language Arts Teacher - Henagar. Jr. High School (2019-234) (Retroactive January 21, 2020) 
  • Molly Veal - Family Consumer Science Teacher - Sylvania High School (2020-001) (Retroactive January 10, 2020) 
  • Jonathan Haynes - Physical Education Teacher - Crossville Middle School (2020-002) 
  • Karyn Pickett - Boys Golf Coach - Sylvania High School 
  • Matthew Ogle - Elementary Teacher (Leave from 1/24/20-2/28/20) - Ider High School 


  • Amy Robison - Jr. High School Custodian - Ruhama Jr. High School (2019-229) (Retroactive January 3, 2020) 
  • Berenise Luna - Itinerant Translator/Transliterator - System (2019-230) (Retroactive January 6, 2020) 
  • Sicily Mitchell - Assistant Custodian (9 Months) - Plainview High School (2019-231) 
  • Broox Goza - Bus Driver - Collinsville High School (2019-233) 
  • Todd King - Jr. High School Custodian (10.5 Month) - Henagar Jr. High School (2019-235) (Retroactive January 2, 2020) 
  • Phillip Pointer - Custodian (12 months) - Crossville Middle School (2020-004) 
  • Marisol Munoz - Bilingual Aide - Crossville Middle School (2020-003) 

The following Volunteer Coaches were approved:

  • Collinsville High School: Kelvin Stewart - Baseball 
  • Crossville High School: Gary Heflin - Baseball
  • Fyffe High School: Trey Gibson - Baseball 
  • Sylvania High School: Raul Solis - Soccer, Eduardo Andrade - Soccer, Juan Jose Ortega Garcia - Soccer 

The following contracts were awarded:

  • Tracie Ford - Homebound
  • Lakala Willingham - Homebound 
  • Julie Needham - Nurse for Band Trip 
  • Julie Needham - 21st Century Crossville Nurse 
  • Alex Thomas - Student Technician 

Dr. Jason Barnett updated the board regarding the great attendance recorded at the DeKalb County Basketball Tournament.  Barnett went on to say that  Brindlee Mountain was very appreciative of the donation of surplus items after the recent tornado caused damage to their school.

The next meeting of the DeKalb County Board of Education will be held on Thursday, February 27 at 5 pm with a work session at 4:30 pm.

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