Voters Approve 5 Constitutional Amendments

Voters Approve 5 Constitutional Amendments

By Zach Hester, Reporter •

ALABAMA — Out of the six statewide amendments on Tuesday's ballot, Alabama voters chose to pass five of them.

All amendments, with the exception of Amendment 2, passed with flying colors. 

These are the amendments explained: 

• Amendment 1: Would “grant the right to vote to only U.S. citizens who meet the requirements.” This amendment — sponsored by State Sen. Del Marsh (R-Anniston) — would change the wording in the Alabama constitution from the right to vote for “every” U.S. citizen to “only” U.S. citizens. It makes no changes to voting requirements at the state level, as it is already a federal requirement to be a U.S. citizen to vote in American elections. 

• Amendment 2 (DID NOT PASS): Would address changes to the State of Alabama’s judicial system, including allowing the Alabama Supreme Court, instead of just the Chief Justice, to appoint the Administrative Director of Courts; increase the number of members on the Judicial Inquiry Commission from nine to 11; allow the Governor, instead of the Lieutenant Governor, to appoint a member of the Court of the Judiciary; allow for the removal of judges by the Court of the Judiciary alone; and, prevent automatic disqualification from holding public office due to complaints filed with the Judiciary Inquiry Commission.

• Amendment 3: Would change the time appointed district and circuit court judges serve from one year (or until the end of the term) to two years before running to keep the seat in a normal election.

• Amendment 4: Would allow a redraft of the state constitution to “remove racist language” or “remove language that is repeated or no longer applies,” and “combine language that relates to the same county.” The new, condensed version of the state constitution would be drafted by the legislature in 2022, and would not become law until it was confirmed by a majority of voters.

Two additional amendments regarding the use of deadly force in self-defense or in the defense of others on the premises of a house of worship under certain conditions related to Franklin and Lauderdale counties but appeared statewide.

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