Polyvance Hand Sanitizer Now Available

Polyvance Hand Sanitizer Now Available

By Southern Torch Staff

RAINSVILLE, Ala. — In response to the lack of hand sanitizer available in the stores currently, Polyvance is using its spare manufacturing capacity and a ready supply of isopropyl alcohol to make hand sanitizer. 

This project was the brainchild of a couple of our factory employees as a way to both help people out and to use our idle machinery and supplies. Polyvance's hand sanitizer is made according to the World Health Organization's formula under an exemption by the US Food and Drug Administration which temporarily allows non-FDA approved facilities to manufacture the product.

Polyvance's HS-236 Hand Sanitizer is packaged in an 8 fl oz bottle with a flip-top cap for easy use and dispensing. We are making the product available to the public locally in northeastern Alabama and to our own customer base through distribution. 

The suggested user price is $8.95. We are offering a 35% discount if you order at least six bottles ($5.82 each) and a further 25% discount if you order 20 or more bottles ($4.36 each). Our jobber and WD customers are also free to order this product at the same volume discounts. 

Call 800-633-3047 or visit the Polyvance website to place an order.

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