Ables Seeks Re-Election

Ables Seeks Re-Election

By Marla Jones, Managing Editor •

GERALDINE, Ala. — Incumbent Mayor of the Town of Geraldine, Chuck Ables, recently announced that he is seeking reelection as Mayor in the Town of Geraldine.

“I have enjoyed the past eight years as Mayor and the previous twelve years as a Councilmember. I feel like we have seen a lot of improvements during the past twenty years, but I also know there is still a lot to be done. We started working toward building a sewer system under the direction of Mr. Billy Smothers when he was Mayor and I am thankful for his foresight  The first phase of that project is complete and I expect that it will be expanded to include the entire Town Limits in the near future, and we will begin to see additional businesses locate here” stated Ables. 

Mayor Ables wants to thank all that has made his term successful. “We have many other projects on our agenda that will take time and money. I would like to thank our United States Representative Robert Aderholt for his work in making it possible for us to have a Grant that enabled us to build a sewer system. He has served us well and I hope we can continue to allow him to represent us in Washington, without his help it would not have become a reality.”  

“Our State Representative Kerry Rich and our State Senator Clay Scofield have been very supportive in our efforts to make things better in Geraldine. Our community goes way beyond our Town Limits and includes areas now represented by Wes Kitchens in the State Legislature and before that our Representative was current Lieutenant Governor Will Ainsworth. All of these men have been a big help in securing money to help us. They have provided financial assistance that allowed us to make improvements to the Park, the Senior Center, the Fire Hall, re-pave some roads, and much, much more. We plan to have a new T-Ball field built by next spring and hope to continue upgrades to the Town Park,” added Ables.

“If anyone reading this has not completed your census, please do so to assure we receive the money and representation we need. It only takes a few minutes to complete and it is very important we have a complete count of everyone living here. I appreciate the support I have received from the community where I grew up. I am always thankful to be able to say that my grandkids that go to school here are the fifth generation of my family to attend school at Geraldine which reminds me of a quote by Abraham Lincoln. President Lincoln said, 'If you are fortunate enough to live in the United States, you are fortunate enough.' I modified it slightly to say 'If you are fortunate enough to live in Geraldine, you are fortunate enough.'  I ask for your vote on August 25th,” concluded Ables.

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