Powell Officers Narrowly Escape Drunk Driver

Powell Officers Narrowly Escape Drunk Driver

Marla Jones, Managing Editor


POWELL, Ala.-- During an unrelated investigation Officer Wilson and Chief Stephen Malone were conducting near Northeast Alabama Community College, the officers observed a car approaching them at a high rate of speed. 

The driver was weaving in and out of both lanes, Officer Wilson and  Chief Malone, both had to get out of the way as not to be struck by the vehicle. They made a traffic stop on Mr. Leroy Wilson from Maylene Alabama, (Birmingham area).

They immediately observed open containers of alcohol inside the vehicle. After placing Mr. Wilson under arrest for driving under the influence, they also found multiple types of narcotics and illegal items. 

Methamphetamine, heroin, prescription medications, marijuana, smoking pipes, and a fake Alabama driver's license were seized. 

The officers determined that Mr. Wilson’s actual Alabama Driver’s  license was suspended and he had active warrants from the City Of Pelham.

“If the roadway isn’t already dangerous enough, using multiple types of narcotics, mixing alcohol and prescription drugs is never a good idea” stated Powell Police Chief Stephen Malone. 

“I am thankful no one was hurt that night,  including my Officer or Mr. Wilson. Nearly thirty-two people die each day due to driving under the influence in the United States and I thank God all who were involved aren’t going to be a part of that statistic. I would like to praise Officer Wilson and Sergeant Haney from the Rainsville Police Department,  for their professionalism and thorough investigation into this arrest. The community is lucky to have these guys” continued Chief Malone. 

 “As I’ve stated time and time again and will continually do so, I encourage everyone who has a drug addiction or mental health crisis to please seek help or contact their local Police Department/Sheriff's Office for guidance. It’s never shameful to seek help, especially when it comes to addiction” concluded Malone. 

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