The COVID-19 Survival Kit

The COVID-19 Survival Kit

By Marla Jones, Managing Editor •

DEKALB COUNTY, Ala. — According to DeKalb County EMA Assistant Director Michael Posey, the coronavirus has yet to reach its peak within the County, but studies show that it may happen sometime in the next two weeks. 

Only the most critical COVID-19 cases require a hospital stay, and you will be sent home to recover. Having the right supplies for you and your family is critical during this time. 

Supplies that you will need to keep your home safe and clean are masks that will cover your face and nose, gloves, hand sanitizer and cleaning supplies such as bleach.

The first step is to isolate. The patient should only leave the room to use the bathroom. A mask should be worn when in contact with the patient and caregiver.

The caregiver should wear gloves when coming in contact with the patient or when gathering the dirty laundry.  Paper towels should be used to dry hands versus a hand towel that others use. 

Items that the patient touches should be sanitized with antibacterial cleaner or bleach, especially sink, tub and commode handles.  

Your medicine cabinet should be stocked with cough drops, Tylenol for fever, over the counter cold medicines, multivitamins, and a thermometer.  

Similar to the flu, patients should drink plenty of fluids. An electrolyte-replacement drink is recommended. Popular sports drinks have high amounts of sugar and should be diluted with water. 

You may lose your appetite when sick so having comfort foods on hand is essential.  

The best advice to avoid the coronavirus is to stay at home, wash your hands, and practice self-distancing at least six feet from others.

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