Remembering Pam Hunt

Remembering Pam Hunt

By Marla Jones, Sports Editor

CROSSVILLE, Ala. — This week, Southern Torch is mourning the loss of one of our sports reporters from Crossville High School, Mrs. Pam Hunt. 

Pam had updated the Crossville fans on our Facebook page for the past two seasons. She passed away on Sunday morning at the age of 60. 

In a letter from Albertville Funeral Home, her loved ones stated: I am writing this with a heavy heart this morning but we as a family, with long prayer and consideration for others, have made a decision on Pam Hunt's arrangements. We have never had to deal with anything like what’s going on in our world today with the recent coronavirus situation and so we stopped and asked what Pam would want. We know she would want everyone to be safe because that’s the kind of person she was, caring about the well-being of others above herself and if you know her you would agree as well. We want to give everyone the opportunity to pay their respects, but at this time we have made the decision to have a closed funeral limited to immediate family only...we will also be having a celebration of life ceremony at a later date to be announced when this virus situation is resolved to attend. 

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