More Than Popcorn At The Poppery

More Than Popcorn At The Poppery

By Marla Ballard


New shops and restaurants are attracting visitors to downtown Fort Payne.

The pleasant aromas that linger in the air are a mixture of restaurants and

sweet treat shops, one of those shops belongs to Amy and Kevin Mackey.

Visitors to the downtown will find themselves following their nose to The

Poppery on Main. Since purchasing the store from the Miller's, approximately

one year ago, the Mackey's have put their own mark on the business by adding

new flavors of popcorn, other treats, and gifts.

Popcorn lovers will find so many options of flavors they will have to return

over-and-over again to decide which savory or spicy flavor is their

favorite. New customers will be surprised to find more than just popcorn is

sold at the store.

Some of the nearly 50 unique popcorn flavors are; Guadalajara, grape,

orange, birthday cake, white cheddar, salt & vinegar, peanut butter & jelly,

cinnamon toast, smoked cheddar, spicey dill, garlic/parmesan, Cajun, banana,

Laffy-Taffy, and chocolate. All of the popcorn is made on-site. Customers

may ask for a free sample, at the popcorn bar, to see if they like it before

making a purchase.

The Poppery offers special labeling for parties, events, and businesses.

"We've had Relators, insurance companies, banks, and other businesses use

our treats with their logo added onto the packaging to advertise their

businesses and attract new clientele," said Amy. "Customers also like them

for wedding, bridal, and baby showers."

Another personalized feature is customized coloring of a purchase. "Red,

white, and blue popcorn is a big hit and customers also like selecting the

colors of their favorite sports team," said Amy.

Treats are not limited to popcorn. The Mackey's said Frios Gourmet Pops are

a huge hit. The store offers a variety of flavors including; cotton candy,

salted caramel, cookies & cream, and blueberry cheesecake. Treats also

consist of caramel apples, peanut butter and white chocolate covered apples,

chocolate-covered Oreos, peanut clusters, turtles, and chocolate dipped


The shop now has a selection of gifts such as; quilts, Grumpy Ole Goat

hand-made soaps, gourmet candy, and Peaceful Porch candles.

Fun fact, the United States grows and consumes the most popcorn in the

world. Americans consume 16 billion quarts each year. This amount would fill

the Empire State Building 18 times. Interestingly, popcorn is one of the

only situations in which food is consumed as a result of an explosion.

Thursday, January 19, is National Popcorn Day, why not celebrate by

discovering a new flavor.

The Poppery on Main is located at 220 Gault Ave. N. Phone: 256-979-1 POP

(1767). Follow and order ahead by messaging on Facebook. Hours of operation;

Tuesday - Saturday 11:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

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