Commission Purchases Property for Tourism Center

Commission Purchases Property for Tourism Center

By Marla Jones

Managing Editor

DEKALB COUNTY, Ala.-- (Full video online) The DeKalb County Commission held their regularly scheduled meeting on Tuesday, July 13.

Commission President, Ricky Harcrow updated the Commissioners on the sale of the old Tourism Center property.  The purchase price for the Tourism Center was $458,000.  

Harcrow stated that a 3-acre tract off the second Fort Payne exit had been examined by the fellow commissioners for a potential new location of the DeKalb County Tourism Center.  The Commission approved the purchase of the tract owned by Freddy Glover for $300,000.  The commission will apply the remaining $158,000 from property sale towards building costs of the new center.  The property is divided into two tracts with both being suitable for building. 

DeKalb County Road Superintendent Tom Broyles informed the commissioners of current road projects and of the reopening of County Road 411 and CR 453.  Work will resume on CR 641 this week.  Employees are continuing their grading and patching of the county roads.   

Broyles stated that three employees recently resigned from the department.  He requested approval to hire Tim Page to replace one of the employees.  The department still has two full-time positions along with one part-time position opening.  

DeKalb County Engineer Ben Luther presented the awards for the Federal-Aid Resurfacing Project for County Road 26 and County Road 83.

Charles Watts was awarded the bid resurfacing for County Road 26.  The County will not have to match any federal money for this project.  

Wiregrass was awarded the bid for the County Road 83 project, with the use of federal funds, the County will be responsible for approximately $142,000 to complete the resurfacing. 

A bush cutter slung debris through a picture window, at a property owned by Bryan Blewett.  Luther requested that the damage claim be forwarded to the insurance carrier for payment.

Luther presented the annual bid of liquid calcium chloride for the County. Southerneatern will renew at present prices through 2022. 

Brad Gregg, Chief Deputy for the DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office requested an employee change from full-time to part-time in the Dispatch Department and the hire of one new employee. 

Gregg requested permission for two investigators to attend a homicide training in August.  

For jail personnel, Gregg requested the hire of two new employees. 

DeKalb County Revenue Commissioner, Tyler Wilks updated the Commission of new hires to help in rebuilding their staff after retirement and resignations.  He informed the Commission that he was close to filling all the openings.  The Commission praised Commissioner Wilks for keeping the Rainsville location open and running despite employee shortage. 

The next meeting of the DeKalb County Commission will be on August 10 at 10 a.m.

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