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John Merrill (R-Tuscaloosa) continued his blistering campaign pace in his bid for Alabama Secretary of State. Merrill has been in DeKalb County six times in the last two weeks alone. He spent Monday night with the Young Republicans of Northeast

The year was 1988. Ronald Reagan was in the White House. The song topping the charts was Michael Jackson’s Man in the Mirror. The Cosby Show was the most popular show on TV. An unknown actor named Bruce Willis was

22 days…

22 days until the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) will take effect. Do you have any idea what will follow? I’ve spoken with local business owners in the community to see if there is anyone looking forward to Obamacare…and in the

There are pivotal moments in games that determine the outcome. That moment came on the first play from scrimmage last night as Plainview QB Jayse Pruitt connected with WR Chase Willingham for a 25 yard gain…who then fumbled. Geraldine immediately

My wife, Amy, and I have been blessed with three wonderful sons, each of whom have their own distinct personalities.  Our middle son, Jonah, has the most outgoing and carefree personality of the three but also has been gifted the

GOTW Livestream

Here is the link! We hope you enjoy the game!

DeKalb Pick’em

We had a few of our local guys predict the wins for the games this week. Who do you agree with?

If you’ve ever watched Mike Alstott run the football, then you’ve basically watched Caleb Spears (SR) run the football. Just a physical, downhill bruiser that doesn’t believe in running around a defender. The big fella’ rumbled for 141 yards and