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If you’ve ever watched Mike Alstott run the football, then you’ve basically watched Caleb Spears (SR) run the football. Just a physical, downhill bruiser that doesn’t believe in running around a defender. The big fella’ rumbled for 141 yards and

Is anything more impressive to watch than a team that truly cares about and believes in one another? A team that when you bring in three star players for an interview they point to each other as the best player

(Rainsville) Rainsville City Council members met to discuss a wide range of topics on Tuesday night. The agenda included finalizing plans for the renovations of the Tom Bevill Enrichment Center and a vote for the city to apply for a

    Make sure you tune in this week and watch the Plainview Bears and the Geraldine Bulldogs go head to head as we broadcast our GOTW. Broadcasting starts at 6:45 pm! Follow the link on our website or on

I’ll be honest…I’m sick of hearing about it. The majority of people I hear talking about it can’t even tell me what it is. I know you’ve heard of it. You’re probably adamantly for it or feverishly against it, and

(Powell) In addition the creation of an engineering technology program, Northeast Alabama Community College, recently placed in the top 10% of community colleges in the nation by the Aspen Institute, has seen substantial growth in enrollment in recent years. Due

Week 1 Coaches Show


Last season was unexpected. Last season was incredible. Last season is over. So, are the Geraldine Bulldogs reloading or rebuilding? The reigning Region 6 3A champion Geraldine Bulldogs are being closely watched as the 2013 season kicks off. The Bulldogs

Fyffe GOTW Preview

Unless you’re at De La Salle or Hoover, high school football programs rise and fall with the tide. Year to year dominance in rural areas is almost unheard of. What’s the formula? Is it the student athletes you have in