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Southern Torch presents the Northeast Alabama Community College 2014 Season Preview! Premiers August 25…only on!    

Female voters are a bloc that receives a lot of focus during election years. Campaign consultants spend countless hours trying to answer questions like, “How do we reach women?” “What issues do they care about?” and “How do we convince

In a blog post this Sunday on the Alabama House Democratic Caucus website, House Minority Leader Craig Ford of Gadsden, Alabama called for a new vote on implementing a state lottery in order to address budget issues. In his blog

Dear Editor: I feel the time has come for me, as Mayor, to weigh in on our city’s looming wet/dry issue. Rainsville’s citizens will decide this issue in the fall election. Unfortunately, behind the scenes turmoil in the Rainsville city

  The Dekalb County Jamboree schedule has been announced and rivalries weren’t taken in to context… August 21 1st Two Quarters Crossville/Sylvania 2nd Two Quarters Sylvania/Geraldine 3rd Two Quarters Geraldine/Ider 4th Two Quarters Ider/Crossville   August 22 1st Two Quarters

Business Facilities magazine today ranked Alabama the top state for automotive manufacturing strength, citing accelerated job growth and production gains for Alabama’s auto industry, as well as potential for additional expansion. In its “2014 Rankings Report,” Business Facilities, a publication

Fort Payne is recruiting retail to move in to the K-Mart building. What will it be?

How will the ballot read for the wet/dry issue in Rainsville on November 4?

What does your business need in the 21st Century market place? an attractive user-friendly website a social media presence video production that doesn’t look like the 1985 music video “We Built this City” a consistent, impactful brand for your product/service

  In our country, we have all heard about one particular dream. Our parents likely mentioned it. We might have heard about it from a teacher or pastor or a friend. We’re expected to know what it means for us.