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With Coach Neal Thrash being “relieved” of his coaching duties without explanation, the community has defended the future Hall of Fame coach with a vengeance. Southern Torch spoke with Superintendent Hugh Taylor on Monday morning. Mr. Taylor said he will

On April 5, the new park at the Field of Dreams was dedicated to former mayor, Donnie Chandler.

Thrash OUT at Fyffe

    BREAKING NEWS: After a historic season of winning the Sand Mountain Tournament, the DeKalb County Tournament and the Area Tournament, Head Coach Neal Thrash has been OFFICIALLY relieved of his coaching duties at Fyffe High School.   Southern

North DeKalb vs South DeKalb Saturday at 7:00 PM Long-Ridgeway Stadium in Fyffe All proceeds go to the Long Ranch 4 Boys!

The Education Budget has been the most hotly discussed topic across the state during the 2014 legislative session. The issue spearheading the debate is a pay raise for teachers, who have only received a 2% increase since 2008. The House

If you have the same friends I do, you know that you can’t believe anything you see, hear or read today. That warning goes for the corporate world as well. Here is a list of April Fools’ Day pranks by

The State Senate Races in DeKalb County will be among some of the most watched campaigns in the state in Election2014. The cost of these races will be enormous. Here is the list of Campaign Finance Reports currently submitted to

Rainsville City Councilman Joey Graham is pushing to create a new position at City Hall. Tax Assessor. The role of the Tax Assessor would be “to discover and list all taxable property within the jurisdiction of the city.” The description