DENIED: Rainsville Denies Transition Home for Men

DENIED: Rainsville Denies Transition Home for Men

Marla Jones, Managing Editor

RAINSVILLE, ALA.-- (Full video on Southern Torch Facebook) A special exemption request was made to the Rainsville Zoning Board of Adjustments for a transition home on property located at 631 Sam Ellis Drive in Rainsville.

The exemption request was brought to the Zoning Board of Adjustments by Total Recovery Ministries /Daniel Gregory, Executive Director of Total Recovery, and Alan McCrary, Co-Director of the House of Redeemed.

The owners requested the rezoning of the property which has a 12-bedroom, 12-bath home to be used as an in-house transition facility for men.

“We are not here to cause a rip in the community, we are here to repair a gaping hole” stated Gregory.  “My heart’s desire is to come back home and help, to help men to find a better life,” Gregory stated that he was a recovering addict of 20 plus years of addiction and wanted to offer help through a faith-based program.

“If anyone wants to know what addiction feels like, put your phone down and set it aside, every time you think of the phone, that’s what we go through every day” stated McCrary.  “These men that will be in this transition home. They are going to be non-violent and non-sex offenders, and will be drug tested each week”.

On Monday, a large crowd gathered at the Rainsville Zoning Board of Adjustments meeting to show support for both sides of the argument.

Each person was given two minutes to express their support or concern.

Adjoining landowners addressed their concerns about the facility being located in their neighborhood.

“I have four kids, and I am not for taking a chance with them. We support the different missions, we just don’t support that location. We don’t want our kids and our elderly put at risk” stated Jessica Hancock. 

“It is commercial property. It’s not about religion, it’s about zoning. We are against the location, which sits less than 10 feet from the property line” stated adjoining property owner, Marquitta Hancock. 

Total Recovery Ministries, LLC attorney Elizabeth O. Williams, stated that she is meeting with board members to determine what steps will be taken.  They are trying to obtain clarification regarding zoning. 

The decision can be appealed through the Rainsville Board of Adjustment for another hearing, and if denied again, the request can be taken to the DeKalb County Circuit Court.

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