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PHOTO: Artist Clare Donohue will be performing in concert on Saturday, July 2 at Kamama to benefit the the Mentone Arts & Cultural Center!  (Contributed Photo | Mentone Arts & Cultural Center) **Article originally featured in Mentone’s “The Groundhog”** Contributed By

By Tyler Pruett, Managing Editor tyler@southerntorch.com MENTONE, Ala. — Since November 9, local firefighters have been working non-stop to contain multiple blazes on Lookout Mountain. Much of this battle is being waged by the North Lookout Mountain Fire Protection District

PHOTO: The Governor deployed an Alabama National Guard UH-60 ‘Black Hawk’ helicopter to assist with battling the wildfire on Lookout Mountain. (Wikimedia Commons)  By Staff Reports MENTONE, Ala.  – On Friday, Governor Robert Bentley activated an aviation unit of the

PHOTO: The Fox Mountain fire has burned a total of 1,971 acres in Alabama and Georgia combined. (Wildfire | USFWS/Southeast) By C. Campbell, Staff Writer cody@southerntorch.com FORT PAYNE, Ala. — This fall, north Alabama is suffering from one of the