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By Tyler Pruett tyler@southerntorch.com Almost nine weeks has passed since the first caucus goers cast their votes in Iowa, kicking-off the presidential nomination process. Since, the Republican field has narrowed significantly, while the Democratic focus remains on Clinton and Sanders.

By Joseph M. Morgan joseph@southerntorch.com RAINSVILLE, Ala.— The DeKalb County School Board announced at a school board meeting last week that former Fyffe Head basketball Coach Neal Thras h will receive a court-ordered hearing before the board on March 17

By Tyler Pruett tyler@southerntorch.com Feb. 1 marks the first electoral event for the 2016 Presidential Elections. Voters in the Hawkeye state will elect delegates in the first step of a four-step process in selecting nominees for each party. The Iowa

By Staff Reports GUNTERSVILLE, Ala.— The Whole Backstage in Guntersville will hold auditions for the comedy, Dixie Swim Club Jan. 28-29 at 6:30 p.m. and Jan. 30 at 10 a.m. In April, Director Diane DuBoise and Assistant Director Kate Bilke