RNC Unanimously Passes Resolution to Stop Obama's Executive Amnesty

SAN DIEGO ­- The Republican National Committee has unanimously passed a resolution in support of immigration reform and stopping Obama's executive amnesty. The resolution was passed be the RNC Resolutions Committee yesterday, and presented to the full committee today as part of the week-long RNC winter meeting in San Diego, CA.

The resolution clearly outlines the RNC's desire to represent the majority of Americans who "support legal immigration and oppose Obama's executive amnesty". Due to President Obama's refusal to work with Republicans to reform our nation's broken immigration system and decision to instead sign executive orders, the RNC felt it was necessary to come together in protection of the Constitution and for the benefit of the American people.

In the resolution, the RNC "calls upon both Democrat and Republican members of Congress, federal employees and the fifty states to take all legal steps necessary to end the lawlessness of this President and his administration and restore the rule of law under the Constitution of the United States of America".

 Chairman Armistead voted for the resolution, and made the following comments concerning its passage:

"The America people spoke loud and clear during the November elections, yet President Obama is still refusing to listen. Coming together as a Party to fight Obama on the state and national level is of the upmost importance to protect the sanctity of this great nation. I feel assured that Alabama's Washington delegation, state legislature and our constitutional officers will do all that they can to fulfill this resolution.

"It is time President Obama begins listening to the people he governs and abiding by the Constitution. We will not sit back and let him trample on all that we hold dear as Americans."

To read the full version of this RNC resolution, click here.