Weathering the storm

Diego ReynosoBy Diego Reynoso

It’s that time again for me. I am here at chemo doing another round of treatment. It’s a typical Monday also. I had a very bad week on top of having to be here. Side effects are getting worse and at times more intense. But that’s not what I wanna write about at the moment. You see no one told me how to prepare for everyday situations dealing with treatments and people in general. When I tell you a storm is coming usually you would get ready right? No matter if it was a bad one or not. You see there is nothing wrong with being prepared to weather the storm. Storms come in all shapes and sizes. From rain and lightning to all out Tornados. Here in Alabama we know about tornados. Some people have shelters with generators and food, while some might just have a basement or a small room in the center of the house. While doing nothing isn’t the best option I guess but hey whatever you think is right for you.  When I first was diagnosed it was a whirlwind of information. On top of that we had phone calls left and right. I couldn’t compute what was going on looking back at it now. I mean I had nurses saying this, doctors advising that and family and friends wanting to help. It was overwhelming for me. Not to mention I don’t think I asked my wife one time how are you?…. I did later, but still. I mean things get deep with paperwork, paperwork and more paperwork. What I am trying to say is stop and breath, I wish I had. I took my diagnosis as I had to hurry and get started and yes that was advised but stop and breath and let your mind calm down. You know you and your partner knows you. My wife suggested to stop treatment once, not for good but for a break. I was so overwhelmed I broke down. I cried for seems like a hour. All I could ask was why me? Why did this happen to me? I had a couple of surgeries while on chemo. Things were taking a toll on me, physically and emotionally. I hid that side from everyone except my wife, she was my rock! So when I say stop and breath, that’s just me saying slow down and get prepared because it can get crazy. I wasn’t prepared like I thought. Maybe you will be. Everyone is different. Nothing wrong with being prepared though. I wish I had asked more questions than I did, or done my own research. My brother researched some for me. But I guess since I kinda was in shock I didn’t know how to take it in. I urge you to do research and please ask questions from the doctors and nurses. They will help with what you need believe me. I was lucky enough to get good doctors and nurses.  Don’t forget  to turn to you have family to talk to. Talking is better than you think. Even though I am not much of a talker haha ask my wife. So while I sit here doing treatment remember you can be prepared if you just speak up. You have family, friends, doctors, nurses and you have me. I’m always happy to help. I couldn’t tell you how many new patients have come to treatment here and they ask. I don’t know if it is my devilish good looks that makes it easy for them to talk to me or I just look funny. Hey either way I helped. That’s all that matters. So if you need me, my email is

And if this helps you then please share it with someone else who also needs it. Well, have a blessed day!  Till next time….