Dekalb County Commission Meeting, April 26, 2016

Dekalb County Commission Meeting, April 26, 2016

Featured image: Dekalb County Commission President Ricky Harcrow (right) and District II Commissioner Derek Caldwell (left) present plaques to local scouts (Photo by Tyler Pruett).

By Tyler Pruett

FORT PAYNE, Ala. — The Dekalb County Commission held their regularly scheduled meeting on Tuesday, April 26 beginning at 10 am. Commission President Ricky Harcrow began the meeting by approving the previous minutes.

For the first order of business, the commission honored five local scouts for attaining the highest rank of Eagle Scout. District II Commissioner Derek Caldwell also took time to honor long-time Scoutmaster Don Brown. Each scout received a pin and plaque from the commission honoring their achievement.

Superintendent Tom Broyles gave the commission an update on road maintenance and personnel from the road department. Due to the weather being well-suited for road work, the county was able to complete repairs on four roads that were delayed from the wet winter. Workers were also in the process of completing repairs on three additional roads that they had begun only last week. Broyles was also able to report that repairs to the roads affected by the December flooding were also nearing completion. In the area of personnel, the department is still looking for applicants to fill the position of mechanic.

At the recommendation of County Engineer Ben Luther, the commission voted unanimously to set speed limits on County Road 516. At the time of the meeting, there was no speed limit posted on the road.

“Based on state law, we have to pass resolutions to lower those lawful limits if it’s less than 45 (mph) on a paved road,” Luther said.

The new speed limit on the road will be 30 mph on one section, and 25 as drivers get closer to the dead end.  Both the new limits passed unanimously.

Luther also requested for personnel from the department be able to attend the ROADTEC Workshop, which is hosted by the Alabama Department of Transportation and the ROADTEC Corporation. The commission approved this request.

District I Commissioner Shane Wootten then brought up the issue of a land purchase north of Henagar. The commission plans to establish a substation for the county’s road repair vehicles. The property will allow them to keep and maintain vehicles in the northern part of the county to save fuel costs as opposed to traveling from the main facility. The purchase will consist of 2.4 acres at a cost of $18000. The commission unanimously voted to pursue the deal.

The sheriff’s office only had personnel issues to attend to this week. The commission accepted the resignation of a correctional officer, Daniel Sears, who had been with the department for five years.

Dekalb County Revenue Commissioner Tyler Wilkes requested approval to attend the Association of Tax Administrators Conference from June 12 - 16. This request was approved unanimously.

The next item on the agenda focused on the Department of Human Resources. Commissioner Wootten moved to replace Margaret Baker, who after serving the department for many years, did not seek reappointment. The commission thanked her for her service to the county, and appointed Laura Kirby to take Baker’s place. After the new appointment, President Harcrow made the motion to reappoint Kelly Owens to the board. This also passed unanimously.

Before adjourning, District IV Commissioner Dewitt Jackson reminded the commission that the following day marked the fifth anniversary of the April 27, 2011 tornadoes.

The next regularly scheduled meeting of the Dekalb County Commission will be held on May 10, 2016 at 10 am.