Governor Deploys National Guard to tackle Lookout Mountain Wildfire

Governor Deploys National Guard to tackle Lookout Mountain Wildfire

PHOTO: The Governor deployed an Alabama National Guard UH-60 'Black Hawk' helicopter to assist with battling the wildfire on Lookout Mountain. (Wikimedia Commons) 

By Staff Reports

MENTONE, Ala.  – On Friday, Governor Robert Bentley activated an aviation unit of the Alabama National Guard to assist the Alabama Forestry Commission in battling an ongoing wildfire on Lookout Mountain.

The unit deployed includes a UH-60 Blackhawk helicopter, it’s pilots, and crew. The unit will be tasked with aerial water delivery in support of the Alabama Forestry Commission’s fire suppression efforts. The unit was activated Friday morning and arrived on the scene the same day.

“It is essential that we use the resources we have available to assist the Alabama Forestry Commission and local firefighters to ensure that minimal damage is done by wildfires during this drought emergency,” Bentley said.

“I have activated the National Guard to assist the AFC in fighting the fire in Dekalb County in order to relieve some of the strain on the agency as they fight hundreds of fires across the state,” said Bentley.

“The men and women of the Alabama Forestry Commission are to be commended for their hard work and dedication during this dire situation. I also want to reiterate, if you see any person setting a wildfire please notify local law enforcement,” he added.

The fire on Lookout Mountain near Mentone, which started on November 9th, currently spans 150 acres and is 50 percent contained. AFC has wildland firefighters working the wildfire, which is still burning and endangering a number of homes.

The fire on Lookout Mountain started on November 9th. Local departments and the forestry commission’s wildland firefighters are working to contain the blaze, which is threatening homes in the Mentone area.

“Due to the tough terrain, our tactic will be to utilize aerial resources in establishing a wet line through water drops provided by ALEA and the Alabama National Guard,” said Terry Ezzell, North Regional Forester with the Alabama Forestry Commission.

“Our goal is to secure the southern end of the wildfire which poses the most immediate threat to homes and property. It is imperative to secure this southern line today while we have favorable winds because tomorrow the winds are expected to shift from the north with a front coming in,” said Ezzell.

“We do have several AFC ground crews on scene, along with volunteer fire departments, in the event the wildfire jumps the containment lines,” added Ezzell.