Ham discusses the runoff and new firetrucks

Ham discusses the runoff and new firetrucks

PHOTO: Councilman Randall Ham, with members of the Fort Payne Fire Department and the new trucks.

Ham discusses the runoff and new firetrucks

By Tyler Pruett, Managing Editor


FORT PAYNE, Ala. — Voters will be heading to the polls in Fort Payne again on October 4 to make the final decision on the next city council.

Councilman Randall Ham, one of the three incumbents on the ballot, talked to the Southern Torch this week about the runoff campaign and the city’s two new firetrucks.

Recently, Councilman Ham helped the city add two new firetrucks.

“When I got elected I got appointed as the chairman of the fire department committee,” Ham said, when asked about how they got the new equipment.

“I started working with that department and kind of seeing what issues they had. Looking at that equipment, it became apparent at that time we were a little behind and needed to start replacing equipment,” he said.

“We decided to start putting $100,000.00 a year back towards new equipment. We got to the point to where we were ready to research and bid out and buy the new truck,” said Ham.

Little did Ham and the city know, they would be receiving two new trucks.

“About that time, we had a grant come through that we had applied for and we were able to buy the second. All we had to pay on the second is the matching money,” he said.

“It’s really a great thing to be able to buy two at one time and really be able to catch up,” added Ham.

When asked how the campaign is going, Ham responded, “It’s going good, it’s going really good.”

“I’m out seeing people every day, every night after work. I work a regular job too. I don’t have the advantage that some of the retired folks have,” Ham said. “I’m going out, knocking on doors, and visiting people every chance I have.”

“The response has been good. I’ve had several people come and want to be a part of it, have confidence in me, believe in me, and believe that I can continue to be an asset to Fort Payne,” said Ham.

While we were conducting the interview, an eager supporter visited Ham’s business in Fort Payne, My Supply, and asked for magnets and yard signs.

“Working hard, we’re tired though,” Ham added with a smile.