VIDEO: Fort Payne decides on concept for the Old Mapco

VIDEO: Fort Payne decides on concept for the Old Mapco

PHOTO: The "Pavilion" Concept for the Old Mapco Building on the corner of Gault Avenue and Highway 35. The new city building will serve as a welcome center for the city. (Tyler Pruett | Southern Torch)

By Tyler Pruett, Managing Editor

FORT PAYNE, Ala.— (Video at the Bottom) In a work session before the regular council meeting, the Fort Payne City Council agreed upon a design concept for the old Mapco building on the corner Gault Avenue and Highway 35; across from the park.

The old Mapco while still open last year. (Tyler Pruett | Southern Torch)

Tony Renta, a consultant and grant writer was called up to the podium with representatives of Fifth Dimension Architecture and Interiors, LLC.

"These are the guys that we are talking to about potentially working on the old Mapco building. Hopefully we'll see a change in that real soon," said Council President Brian Baine.

"We presented a two different concepts to the council in the work session," said Renta, "and it was agreed upon by the council to go with what they refer to as the 'pavilion' plan, and the site changes in coordination with it. We are going to make minor modifications to that building based off that meeting."

The cost of the project will be determined by a construction manager, which the city met with before the meeting.

"And with ya'll's approval, hire a construction manager to start determining some initial budget costs for what that building would cost," explained Renta.

The council then agreed to tentatively hire Ra - Lin Construction to serve as the construction manager for the project. Representatives Jay Grubbs held a presentation for the council before the meeting regarding the benefit of hiring a firm to serve as the construction manager.

Ra - Lin has oversaw numerous school and government construction projects in the area. The firm needed to draw up a contract for the city this afternoon. "Tentatively approving," the contract with Ra - Lin allows the council to approve the contract with the firm as soon as it's ready, as opposed to waiting until the next meeting.

Watch Video of the Mapco Discussion in the meeting: