Jefferson's to reopen in two weeks after fire

Jefferson's to reopen in two weeks after fire

By Tyler Pruett, Managing Editor

FORT PAYNE, Ala. — Last Thursday started like any day for the staff at Fort Payne Jefferson’s. Early in the work day one of the employees noticed a fire had started in the kitchen.

“We had a grease fire here at 10:45 am, and the fire department responded very quickly, we’re so thankful for that,” said Jefferson’s President Glynn Grisham.

The fire was contained quickly and damage was minimal. The structure was slightly damaged, but most of the damage affected things that are easily replaced.

“Luckily the damage was mostly to the equipment, and we’ll be able be to replace it,” he said.   

“It’s caused a little bit of damage to the front of our kitchen area that we are going to replace,” said Grisham. “and because of us being down for a couple of weeks we’re going to take advantage of the time and improve our facility.”

Only four days later, the staff and ownership were already on the job not only fixing the damage, but also making improvements to the building.

“We’re going to extend our deck outside and add all new equipment in our kitchen,” said Grisham.  

“We get a lot of customers out on our deck, and we want to take this chance to extend it,” Grisham said. “The two previous months were our best sales months to date.”

“The community has really rallied around us and we’re ready to get back open and back to business,” said Abigail Yates, Fort Payne Jefferson’s General Manager.

When asked when they plan to reopen, Yates said, “I’m going to say around two weeks. Let’s say early November.”
“We’re going to reopen bigger and better than ever!” she added.