VIDEO: County Commission reports successful equipment auction

VIDEO: County Commission reports successful equipment auction

PHOTO: The DeKalb County Commission reported a recent auction of old equipment was able to net the county a premium price. (File Photo)

By Tyler Pruett, Managing Editor

FORT PAYNE, Ala. — In the DeKalb County Commission's last meeting of March, the commission was able to report a successful vehicle auction and approved several personnel items.

After approving the minutes, Tom Broyles updated on the county road department. Broyles reported that crews were busy patching potholes and hauling chert. Broyles also reported the department was doing well with property purchased to excavate chert from in Collinsville.

"We've already hauled out more usable material than we thought was there," said Broyles.

Broyles also reported that the previous days' storms caused a lot of downed trees near Collinsville. The damage was limited to lower end of the county.

Broyles asked the commission to approve rehiring a worker that had submitted a resignation several months ago, but had decided to return. The commission then voted unanimously to rehire James Edmondson, effective Monday.

"He's a real good worker. Real dependable," Broyles explained.

"We'd be glad to have him back," Commissioner Shane Wootten said.

County Administrator Matt Sharp reported the results of the recent auction of county road equipment. The equipment was sold at auction for $2,697,000 total, with 6 percent going to commission. The used equipment netted the county approximately $2.4 million. The original purchase price of the equipment was $2.8 million, and was sold with a difference of $389,000; retaining much of the value over the years. The equipment included Mac Trucks, a grader, Sharp applauded the lease program and the Road Department for maintaining the equipment, which had even allowed the county to sell 19 Mack dump trucks for more than the county originally paid for them. The trucks were purchased for $2,366,000 and sold recently $2,539,000.

"I really appreciate what he (Broyles) does to get those trucks in that position to be able to sell," said Sharp.

"It's always been a good program," added Commission President Ricky Harcrow.

County Engineer Ben Luther, brought forth bids for herbicides. The bidding was opened up on March 16 and is commonly bidded on each year. The bids were split between the low bidders, and the county accepted the bids.

Michael Edmondson was at the meeting to represent the sheriff's office. He requested that the commission vote to hire Austin Peppers, who is currently a Correctional Officer, as a part-time dispatcher, to replace Katelyn East, who moved to full-dispatch. Edmondson also asked to accept the resignations of Kyle May and Seth Bryant. Both were approved by the commission.

To finish up the day's business, Commissioner DeWitt Jackson made a 911 Board Appointment. Jackson moved to reappoint former Rainsville Police Chief Charles Centers. According to Jackson, Sinners had requested to be back on the board. The commission approved the appointment.

The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, April 11, at 10 am in the DeKalb County Activities Building.

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