Commission Passes Budget

Commission Passes Budget

By Marla JonesReporter • (Photo by Marla Jones)

DEKALB COUNTY, Ala. — The DeKalb County Commission held their regularly scheduled meeting on Tuesday, September 25.

During the meeting, County Administrator Matt Sharp presented the Commission with their official 2018-19 fiscal year budget in the amount of $19,801,908, which includes a 3% cost of living adjustment for all county employees. After praise from all commissioners for the hard work that Sharp and office staff did, the Commission approved their budget.

Commission President Ricky Harcrow recognized the DeKalb County Homemakers with a resolution.

Joanne Strickland, outgoing President of the Portersville, County and State clubs of the Homemakers, addressed the Commission. She reported that for the second year in a row, DeKalb County had the highest membership of any county in the state of Alabama.

The Homemakers projects this year including judging both county and regional 4-H competitions, volunteering at the fair, Race to Embrace, and Relay for Life, and serving at the Children’s Advocacy Center through work and donations. They’ve also planted trees and had a library book sale.

Road Department Superintendent Tom Broyles updated the Commission on road work in DeKalb County. Despite heavy rainfall this week, Broyles said that all ongoing road work was on schedule.

Engineer Ben Luther brought before the Commission the following items:

• The request to award the annual bids

• Approval of the 681 Vacation Petition to vacate property owned by Ricky Etherton

• Approval of contract labor

• Acceptance of the ALDOT Snow and Ice Removal quote

The Commission approved all of Luther’s requests.

DeKalb County Revenue Commissioner Tyler Wilks explained a proposal to alter the Tax Property Sale to a Tax Lien Sale. Wilks said that the new process would prevent struggling homeowners from paying taxes after the loss of their home.

Commissioner DeWitt Jackson brought before the Commission new wording changes to the Boozer Bridge contract between the County and the City of Rainsville. There will be an exchange of property for services rendered. The County will perform the approach work and backfill for Boozer Bridge. If, for some reason, alternate financing isn’t available for the City to build the bridge within six years, the County will purchase the property for $23,000. The Commission approved the motion.

The next meeting of the DeKalb County Commission will be held on Tuesday, October 9 beginning at 10am in the DeKalb County Activities Building.