‘The Father’s House’ to rebuild lives after addiction

‘The Father’s House’ to rebuild lives after addiction

PHOTO: “The Father’s House” is being considered by the Rainsville Zoning Board, and will help those struggling to rebuild their lives after addiction. (Tyler Pruett | Southern Torch)

By Tyler Pruett, Managing Editor


The house is located on the corner of First Avenue and Oak Drive in Rainsville. (Tyler Pruett | Southern Torch)

RAINSVILLE, Ala. — At the last meeting of the Rainsville City Council, Katina Blanchett announced the creation of a unique facility in Rainsville to help women struggling to get their lives back together after drug addiction.

“First thing in the morning I will be filing an application of rezoning of a property on Oak Drive. I understand that this process is a long process, and could be very intensive in a community. I do understand what I’m getting myself into, but I do want to leave you guys with a little bit of information before this comes before you, about what the facility will be used for.” said Blanchett.

Blanchett also explained that she had visited and spoken with every neighbor near the home. The house is located on the corner of Oak Drive and First Avenue (141 Oak Drive) in Rainsville. Blanchett also stated that the home will be part of “The Father’s House,” which is a program through Addicts 4 Christ.

According to the Addicts 4 Christ Website, “The Father's House will be a faith based 12-month residential intensive rehabilitation / discipleship program for women struggling with life controlling issues. The Addicts 4 Christ ministry is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation. Our ladies will have the opportunity to confront destructive choices, behaviors and their unhealthy views with the love of God and the guidance of God's Word through intensive Bible Studies, mentoring and discipleship.”

“We are partnering with Northeast Community College, and many other programs and ministries to provide the education component and life skills needed for these women who want and need a fresh start. This will be a huge benefit to our communities along with their families and friends,” it stated.

The program will mimic other successful programs, which serves a bridge from the “getting clean” phase of the process to becoming productive members of society. For those that struggle with addiction, getting “clean” may only be half the battle. After this phase, former addicts must build a life that doesn’t revolve around addiction, and The Father’s House will help with that process.

“In The Father’s House specifically, these ladies will learn homemaking skills, learn how to balance checkbooks, things of that nature, while becoming who God created them to be in life,” explained Blanchett.

“The biggest thing I would like to assure our community of, is that these ladies, when they come to us, are completely detoxed and have passed their drug test. They are not coming to us high, they are not coming to us out of control; they are coming to us already have committed to twelve months of rehabilitation of their life,” she explained. For home drug tests, see here - https://www.countrywidetesting.com/collections/home-drug-test

“By the time they graduate the program, they’re able to pay down payment on power, lights, water, at their own place. They’ve worked through all their all their court processes and troubles they are in from their past lives. And we help them put completely behind them that life, have a firm foundation to stand on, and truly be productive women in society,” Blanchett explained.

“Most women that come to us, they do not have their children. We’re able to help them work through the process and become the mothers they are supposed to be. Becoming the homemaker, teaching them to cook. A lot of them don’t know how to cook. And I come from a place of experience with this. If it wasn’t for programs like this, I could possibly be dead also,” said Blanchett.

“These programs are working; they are saving people’s lives. And so just out of respect for the community, I understand this is a process, I’m just asking you guys to work with us on this. These programs are working. We respect our community. We respect the thoughts of the adjoining landowners, and the thoughts that they may not understand,” she said.

“I’m just asking you guys to pray about this, it’s coming up, it’ll be coming before you. Truly be praying, and see how this could edify our community,” concluded Blanchett.

Since the city council meeting, Blanchett has filed the application for rezoning. A hearing with the zoning board will be held to get their recommendation, and if the recommendation is granted, a hearing will then be held with the city council for the final decision. The whole process takes about 9 weeks.

The Public Hearing on the matter will be held on August 14th at 5 pm at the Tom Bevill Enrichment Center. All members of the public are invited to speak for or against the amendment to the zoning ordinance.

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  1. Hi, my name is Dawn. I’m a delivered child of God. I’m a mother, daughter, a sister and a mom. Along with a few other titles, felon, addict ,former inmate just to name a few. Upon my re-entry into society I was terrified. I had to go home. There was nowhere else for me to go.I went thru CASA, Christians against substance abuse, while locked up. Thanks to some wonderful ladies, I was able to continue in the program and attend services. Also with these same ladies, Rainbow of Hope was founded. A home for women coming out of jail/prison, most of us have baggage in one form or another that needs guidance, addiction is usually a symptom of other deeper problems. This is only a portion of my story. Currently, I have 12years and 2months clean. I’m sharing in hopes that my story will help someone see that there is a need for more homes with guidance for women like me. Thank you for your time and consideration on this subject. I hope and pray Rainsville, you see fit to support this home opening.

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